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Two Decks from Facebook Garage

conor 5th of March 2011 by conor

Here are two of the Decks that were presented at the recent Facebook Garage in Gateway Ireland.


Local Social:

Facebook Garage Round-up and Pics/Videos

conor 11th of February 2011 by conor

The Facebook Garage on Wednesday was an absolute thrill to be a part of. We had 140 sign-ups so, using our normal measures around free events, we expected 50-60. In fact it peaked at over 90 people! Luckily the lovely Gateway Ireland building was easily able to accommodate everyone.

We have a bunch of people to thank:

  • Louise Byrne from Gateway Ireland who took care of absolutely everything. It wouldn’t have happened without her
  • John McColgan for giving us the use of the building
  • Niamh Walsh and Will Peat who helped Louise throughout the day
  • Alan Duggan for helping to control the flood of arrivals
  • Colm Doyle and the Facebook Ireland crew for all their support and the schwag
  • Brynn Holland, Julia Lam and the Facebook US crew for all of their support and the Garage Pack
  • Everyone for turning up
  • And of course…..

The Speakers:

The Garage opened with Richard Delevan of BetaPond talking about Facebook Places


This was followed by Ben Arent and Jonathan Siegel providing insights into the the challenges around different sign-up flows and abandonment on RightRental.


Then we had David Johnston from OWJO talking about f-Commerce and in-Tab stores.


Sebastien Sicot from Bluecube Interactive gave some genuinely surprising stats on competitions, engagement and incentives.


Sean O’Sullivan from Rococo Software talked about Local Social and how proximity adds a layer of personalisation to location


Finally Colm Doyle from Facebook gave a run-down on Places, Credits and the latest news on the Platform. Of course if we’d had the Garage on Thursday we’d have been there all night with questions on the changes to Pages :-)

As I said at the end of the event, we want as wide a range of people speaking at the Garages as possible. Whether you are a lone developer or a large company doing interesting, useful or fun things on the Facebook Platform, we want to hear you speak.

Why not contact now if you think you’d like to speak at the next Garage.

The plan in 2011 was to do one Garage per Quarter but the feedback on Wednesday was that you want them more often. So we’ll aim to have the next one much sooner. Keep an eye on Web2Ireland.

Facebook Garage Ireland – Feb 9th – Gateway House

conor 25th of January 2011 by conor

The next Facebook Developer Garage is on Wednesday February 9th in Gateway House, Dublin from 5pm-7pm. If you are interested in speaking, please contact

Some of the hot topics which we can expect to hear about include:

  • Facebook Places
  • Facebook Credits
  • Gaming
  • fCommerce

If you have interest in any aspect of where Facebook is going, you should attend. It is free but you must register over on Eventbrite.

The Gateway House venue at 133 Capel Street (top of Mary Street and just left) is very interesting too. It is the former tram station:

The aim of Gateway House is to provide a dynamic environment for established companies in the area of online activities. We will build clusters of like-minded people and initiatives who will build synergies with Gateway Ireland. Together we aim to be part of a movement to innovate and reinvigorate Ireland. A number of relevant companies have already committed to joining us in Gateway House.

Hope to see you there. If there is anything specific you’d like to hear about on the day, leave a comment below.

Facebook Garage Belfast

admin 25th of September 2009 by admin

Quick reminder on the Facebook Garage Belfast.

The event is on Monday, October 12, 2009 from 3:00 PM at The Black Box, Hill St, Belfast

Andy McMillan (twitter:goodonpaper) is the local hosting/organizing the event, with great support from Elaine Thompson at InvestNI

If you’re interested in attending, participating, talking, etc please sign up and check the Facebook Page

Colm Long talk at Facebook Garage

conor 5th of August 2009 by conor

Another superb video by Michael Clyne, this time of Colm Long’s talk. The Facebook stats for Ireland are staggering.

Hot Money Making Applications plus U2, XBOX, DS, WII and Facebook Advertising Options presented by Colm Long from Path Pacific on Vimeo.

First video from Facebook Garage 2

conor 26th of July 2009 by conor

When Michael Clyne of offered to record the second Irish Facebook Garage, we had no idea what to expect. It certainly wasn’t this.

Facebook Live Music Mashup App – Gig Monkey (Mobile Phone, Last FM, Bebo, Amazon, iLike, Facebook) – Facebook Garage Ireland from Path Pacific on Vimeo.

Wow, amazing work on the GigMonkey talk Michael. We can’t wait to see the other segments!

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Another full house for Facebook Garage Ireland 2

conor 4th of July 2009 by conor

The first Facebook Garage was so popular we had to have another one pretty soon after. On Thursday we had 150+ people crammed into a room in the Radission SAS to hear 5 speakers talk about different aspects of their experiences with Facebook.

It opened with Sean O’Sullivan from Rococo presenting their GigMonkey App. Plenty of technical meat in there about the various challenges they faced and some interesting comparisons with Bebo.

Robert Mao then gave a broad overview of build FB Apps/Connect and hosting them on Google App Engine.

I spoke about our integration of Facebook Connect into the LouderVoice reviews widget.

After the break, Flavien Charlon took everyones breath away with his description of the growth of My City. He currently has close to 500k active monthly users on this Facebook App. His talk covered everything from technical issues to growing a userbase and monetizing.

Finally Colm Long who runs Facebook EMEA gave us an insight into where Facebook was going, theeir approach to ads and the shocking growth figures for Facebook in Ireland. One important point that he highlighted was what a small company Facebook is (~900 people). So when development slows in one area e.g. Groups, it is only because they are resource strapped.

Michael Clyne took video footage of the entire event which we hope to post here next week. If you have any photos or videos, please post links to them in the comments.

Facebook Garage Ireland 2

conor 23rd of June 2009 by conor

After the resounding success of the first Facebook Garage here, it’s about time we had another.

The theme this time is “Hands on with Apps, Connect and Pages”

It’s a super line-up of speakers:

  • GigMonkey Facebook Application – Developer Story. Sean O’Sullivan – Rococo
  • Facebook – Opportunities for businesses. Facebook 101 @ Pages, Advertising, Apps.Colm Long, Facebook EMEA
  • Build Facebook Connect enabled applications with Google Apps Engine”. Robert Mao
  • Facebook Connect – the experience.
  • Growing pains: get prepared when your facebook app go rocket high. Sharing the real story of MyCity. Flavien Clarlon

The event is on in The Digital Exchange, Crane Street, Dublin (other side of High Street from Hub) from 4pm-6pm, Thursday 2nd July.

Whilst it is a free event, you must register over on Eventbrite.

RTE News on API Wars & Facebook Garage

conor 7th of March 2009 by conor

Lots more posts coming about Thursdays events. Suffice to say it blew away everyone’s expectations. 150+ people spent the afternoon learning and networking. Thanks again to all the speakers. Here is RTE’s coverage of it (full news episode on RTE site here):

Tags for Wars and Garage

conor 4th of March 2009 by conor

To enable everyone to track what’s happening at API Wars and Facebook Garage, we recommend using the “web2ire” tag on any platform that supports them including hashtags (#web2ire) on Twitter.

This means you can track the conversation on Twitter in real-time here, blogposts on Technorati, pictures on Flickr and even more pictures on