Gaming Industry in Ireland

27th of May 2010 by admin

At yesterday’s Gateway Ireland, this cool video was shown

With the likes of EA Games setting up in Galway, Zynga, Crowdstar, etc together with the native scene, Jolt Online, Demonware, Havok and others, we have a very vibrant Gaming scene.

Thanks Dylan for video.

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One Response to “Gaming Industry in Ireland”

I work as a community Manager for Crowdstar, based in Blackrock, Dublin, a significant Facebook and Mobile games company with millions of players the world over.

The growth over the last few years has been great; Ive worked at several games companies over the last number of years and the sector has improved both commercially with the likes of those mentioned in the video (and Crowdstar!) but also educationally too.
Top college courses that have been well laid out to be agile in the ever changing games market have educated some of the sharpest minds in the world, allowing programmers, animators, sound engineers, business analysts and all other fields of games development to be based right here in Ireland.

Due to its melting pot nature of mixing all nationalities from around the world it has and will become one of the strongest markets in the world in which to base and develop video games for many languages and be able to cater to all timezones due to its location.

Thanks for the video!