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Techovate Biz-Tech Conference in Wexford looks good

conor 16th of March 2012 by conor

I just found out the details of the Techovate conference that is on in Wexford Opera House next Wed/Thu. It’s about the intersection of technology and business, a subject dear to my heart.

You’ll hear from execs in Microsoft, Google, IBM, Facebook, CISCO, LinkedIn and others. More importantly, unlike some other conferences, you’ll actually get to talk and network with them.

The programme is jam packed and covers a wide range of topics. Plenty of learning and sharing to be had. A one day ticket is only €175, which is a bargain compared to a lot of the event gouging that is going on at the moment.

FeedHenry + Cloud Foundry = Mobile Apps with VMware Cloud Power

conor 6th of March 2012 by conor

FeedHenry has just announced a new platform in partnership with VMware’s Cloud Foundry and it’s pretty awesome.

If you aren’t familiar with FeedHenry, they provide a powerful hybrid cross-platform mobile application solution. You can build mobile Apps simultaneously for 5 different platforms using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. But just as importantly, it comes with a Server-Side API which allows you to move complex integrations and code onto their sever infrastructure which delivers just the data the App needs. You end up with faster more responsive Apps which can wire into anything on the web, no matter how complex or legacy.

Up until now that Server bit was FeedHenry’s own. Originally based on Rhino, they now offer Node.js. So you can build all of the server side in JavaScript.

The addition of Cloud Foundry is a huge win for the Waterford-based company. Now you build your Apps as usual but deploy the server part to the extremely impressive Cloud Foundry infrastructure. It makes use of Cloud Foundry’s Node.js support and you can deploy with the FHC command line or in the browser-based Studio GUI.

I’ve been a big fan of FeedHenry for a long time and also a fan of Cloud Foundry since it launched. It’s like your two favourite people getting engaged. Now to find the time to build something using both!

Lots of Audioboos from Twitter Teatime Dublin #twittertd

conor 6th of March 2012 by conor

A big thank you to Paul O’Mahony for doing these at #twittertd and apologies for the delay in posting them here. Lots of great stuff to listen to.

Dublin for Twitter #twittertd (1) – ClueTrainManifesto (mp3)

Dublin for Twitter (2) #twitterTD (mp3)

V7 – web developers – Eoin Bara Founder & MD #twitterTD (mp3)

Donal Cahalane organiser of #twitterTD tells the story – includes @jasoncosta (mp3)

Mark Little of @storyful & @marklittlenews speaks of Twitter at #twitterTD (mp3)

Q&A at #twitterTD – this was the highlight of humour (mp3)

@daxon steels the show at #TwitterTd (mp3) is here – @martharotter introduces it #twittertd (mp3)