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Are we back in the 1980′s ?

admin 20th of December 2006 by admin

RTE Business – Martin ‘disbelief’ at BES complaint

Anyone a member of the ICTU ?

This is a disgrace.

This affects a lot of technology companies….

We are not hotel builders.

The technology sector wants BES – perhaps it needs to be qualified as “non-asset backed” – as in no money for “bricks & mortar” – just innovation.

Euro Web2.0 News – Subscribe to VECOSYS.COM

admin 20th of December 2006 by admin

Sam and Mike have just launched VECOSYS.COM

“Vecosys is a blog covering Web 2.0 and Mobile start-ups across Europe. It is published by Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher.”

Best of luck guys.

On the Euro front also check out thealarmclock euro – Valerie Thompson has the finger on the pulse.

Brent Hoberman had some choice words to say about Europe vs US at leweb3

“”[A] small market with little innovation that they can always acquire if they need to.”
Brent Hoberman, co-founder of Last Minute, on how American internet backers view Europe”

Brent also commented on the poor crowd at the recent web2con panel – Europe has come of age – i was also in attendance – if you took out the Europeans from the room, you would hav been left with the audio guys – such was the interest in Europe.

Chinwag Live – Exploring Web 2.0, Digital Business, Online Media, Mobile & More in the Real World

admin 20th of December 2006 by admin

Check out this new event in London from the folks at Chinwag

Chinwag Live – Exploring Web 2.0, Digital Business, Online Media, Mobile & More in the Real World

Deirdre Molloy, who hails from Belfast is the event producer.

Wildwave and The Venice Project

admin 20th of December 2006 by admin

Wildwave, an Irish company in the digital video space, are involved in the latest project from the Skype founders – the Venice Project


Web2.0 Acid Test – 126 lines of code = $141bn mkt cap

admin 19th of December 2006 by admin

Maybe not that simple but almost….

The Google pagerank algorithm in 126 lines of python code

mashup* – 6pm, 22nd Feb. 2007

admin 18th of December 2006 by admin

Simon Grice who is the man behind etribes and the Mashup series of events has the details on the last one [excellent show Simon] and the next one mashup* – 6pm, 22nd Feb. 2007

Note: this is on the same week as Futureofwebapps [FOWA] – which will be awesome – Ryan has put on a great line-up

Breakfast with Sam Sethi

admin 15th of December 2006 by admin

I made sure to include Sam's name in the title to take full advantage of his higher search rank than Britney Spears on Technorati yesterday! This is something for Web2Ireland to be proud of as news of Harrington giving Sam the boot was broken here first and then posted around the globe. Ok, so it's not as dramatic as I make it sound, but it was, by his own admission, Mr. Arrington's worst day ever, so that's something else to be proud of.

So, if you're waiting for Sam to write a post about yesterday's news, don't bother because it's yesterday's news. Or in Sam's words, today's news is tomorrow's 404. He was inspired by the 404 he got after Mike deleted his last post from TechCrunch I love it!

Anyway, as per the title, I had breakfast with Sam and Daniel Appelquist this morning (Marc Canter cancelled). Dan was one of Sam's guest writers on TC and a very good colleague of mine, not to mention an extremely well connected guy. Naturally I won't be divulging anything that was discussed over egg muffins and copious amounts of caffeine.

What I can say, is watch this space as some thought goes into the new brand identity I'll be certain to break the news here (or over at my own staff blog assuming I take it off the dev server!).

Fighting on home ground

admin 13th of December 2006 by admin

Ok, I don’t want to drag this through the mud for much longer, but I couldn’t help reference a brilliant point that I just read:

Arrington has done one smart thing in the whole of this episode, he's moved the conversation to his own territory, a good lesson for all bloggers under fire, take it home, fight on home ground, rally the troops.

This is an excellent point. I think Mike should have kept the debate on the TechCrunch UK & Ireland Web site if only for the sake of making it easier for readers to reference the original material.

Some opinions are more equal than others

admin 13th of December 2006 by admin

Mike Arrington redefines the meaning of “moderation” and “freedom of speech” to the blogshere.

Earlier I reported that Sam Sethi had been fired by Mike Arrington, the creator of TechCrunch. In another stab into the heart of the blogshere, Arrington deletes Sam’s last post on TechCrunch UKIRL and turns on moderation. I suppose this gives ‘Arrington’ the right to filter whatever comments he thinks are more equal than others.

I guess some comments are more equal than others, Mike?


Sorry, I forgot to mention in my original post – the article that Arrington deleted was from Sam explaining how they had a disagreement and he would no longer be working for TechCrunch. It was extremely diplomatic considering he had been told that he no longer had the right to vote.

TechCrunch UKIRL is FIRED by Mike Arrington!

admin 13th of December 2006 by admin

TechCrunch UKIRL is FIRED by Mike Arrington! Yes you’ve read it properly.

In a WORLD EXCLUSIVE, I can reveal that TechCrunch UKIRL has been fired for using its right to speak.

Sam Sethi was fired by Mike Arrington after he refused to remove the article about how Loic LeMeur's screwed up Le Web 3 with his political ambitions.

Looks like Arrington is now TOO BIG for his boots. I certainly won't be subscribing to his blog if he's more interested in keeping people happy for the sake of $$$.

Mike Arrington has now done a Tim O'Reily on it.