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admin 15th of September 2010 by admin logo

It’s been around three years since we launched our website and during that time the most common response to hearing the name was “Aviva Health?” or “Vivas Health?” or some other brand name that rhymes with Reva. We knew we were onto a loser and that we’d have to change the name eventually, but we kept putting it off.

Finally, with traffic growing past the 500,000 per month point we decided we’d have to bite the bullet and after quite a lot of discussion we settled on We figure it’s easy to remember, hard to mistake (the spelling) and it tells people exactly what the website is about – helping you to choose a clinic. Hopefully you agree.

As ever we’re trying to help people find clinics in their local area, like dentists in Dublin, and further afield, like cosmetic surgery clinics in Turkey. Most of our traffic comes from the UK, Ireland and the US, but in the last month alone we’ve had visits from 193 countries or territories according to Google Analytics, another reason why the new, simpler name became so important.

If you’ve any thoughts about the new name or the service in general, or you’ve re-branded yourself recently, we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Le Web Startup Competition

conor 15th of September 2010 by conor

Geraldine LE MEUR has just announced the annual Le Web Startup competition. This is one of the most important ways you can get your start-up in front of a European audience of tech media, influencers and investors. Previous Irish entrants include Cloudsplit, LouderVoice, Pixenate and Touristr.

There is expected to be a much stronger than usual Irish contingent heading over this year. Do your start-up a favour and enter before October 15th.

The Start-Up Competition will take place on Dec 8, 2010 and there is no fee to participate. They will select the best 16 applications to demonstrate their products on a dedicated stage throughout the day.

The 3 winners of the competition will then have a chance to present their companies on the LeWeb main stage, during a special session on December 9.

Selected Startups will get 2 passes to the conference for team members who will demo on stage and a DemoPod in a lounge dedicated to the Startup Competitors.