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The Tuesday Push is

conor 7th of July 2009 by conor

Head on over to cmypitch, have a poke around and maybe write a few words about them.

Fergus covered them here last week. And I covered them on the Cork OpenCoffee blog too.

The Tuesday Push is

conor 23rd of June 2009 by conor

This week's Tuesday Push is

It describes itself as follows:

Collab is a simple, easy to use, free online tool to help bring ideas and skillsets together. If you have an idea and you need to find a person or people to work with you or if you want some feedback on a project you are considering collab is for you.


Posting the ideas to Twitter is a nice touch and allows those who are actively looking for projects to work on to keep an eye on what is being suggested.

If you like Collab, why not help the push and write a blogpost yourself?

FineTuna is the Tuesday Push

conor 10th of June 2009 by conor

It’s not just Dolphin-friendly, it’s the perfect app for a specific problem. FineTuna lets you upload pics, annotate them with comments etc and then forward on to someone.


I’ve attempted to do similar using paint packages like but all their features just get in the way.

FineTuna is ideal when you are either going through design revisions for a site or trying to highlight bugs or things you don’t like on a live site.

The lack of any requirement to sign-up is another bonus and the Firefox Extension makes it a no-brainer to use.

This isn’t just a tool for desingers and web-devs and their customers, it is also a superb customer-support tool. I know I’ll be using it a lot from now on.

If you like FineTuna, why not do your own (Wednesday) Push of it?

Tuesday Push – Decisions For Heroes (D4H)

conor 19th of May 2009 by conor

I’ve been reading a lot of Umair Haque recently and with every article, I immediately think of Decisions For Heroes, just launched by Robin Blandford.


D4H is a site/system/service for Rescue Teams. Its aim to is help those who risk their lives carrying out rescues by providing tools and information to do their job better.

As the Zombieconomy collapses around us, it will be valuable, useful and powerful tools that come from ideals which will power the recovery.

Go check out the D4H site and take part in the Tuesday Push to get the word out about this utterly inspirational service that embodies Constructive Capitalism.

The Tuesday Push is DineToRead

conor 24th of March 2009 by conor

DineToRead is an online book club. Regular events are organised where members can meet to discuss books and enjoy a meal at the same time.


If you have a blog, why not check it out and write about them. The site was built by the brilliant John Blackbourn and has a beautiful friendly design.

Tuesday Push was Sxoop

conor 11th of February 2009 by conor

Walter and Ursula who run Sxoop Technologies have been in the image manipulation software biz for several years now. Their core offering, Pixenate, an online photo editor, is integrated on many sites worldwide. More recently they have built a bunch of fun and useful tools using Pixenate. The most recent, Twitter Mosaic, is actually making money on Twitter before Twitter themselves have figured out a business model!

Mosaic is just one of those beautifully simple forehead-slapping ideas. You tell it your Twitter username and it generates mugs, t-shirts, bags etc  with a mosaic of your followers on them for purchase on Zazzle. A damn sight more interesting than the “Maximising customer delight through six sigma” mug that your employer gave you as your Christmas bonus.

Get your twitter mosaic here.


There was a great push from the community this week and here are the posts we have found. If you have done a  push, make sure to follow @tuesdaypush on Twitter and let them know.

If you are feeling rosemantic, don’t forget you can also heartify your Twitter avatar on Pixenate at the minute too!

Huge Push for IGOpeople

conor 28th of January 2009 by conor

The newly revamped Tuesday Push kicked off yesterday with IGOpeople and the number of posts was fantastic.


You can track the various posts and mentions via the Twitter Account. Here is a selection of the great coverage yesterday:

The Tuesday Push is LouderVoice

admin 7th of October 2008 by admin

This week’s Tuesday Push is LouderVoice who have just launched a range of business services. If you like what they are doing, please blog about it. You might even do it in the form of a review that they can use on the site.

LouderVoice for Business

LouderVoice for Business

The Tuesday Push is

conor 23rd of September 2008 by conor

There are apps/sites I like and apps/sites I love. DownloadMusic is in the latter category. One of those businesses that just nails the elevator pitch. As soon as you hear how it works, you get it. 

Johnny Beirne is the guy behind it and he has built something of perfect simplicity. Buy independent Irish music using SMS shortcodes. That’s it. I’ve used it, I’m in a permanent state of envy over how well it works.


From such a simple system, he has added value in so many places. The downloads now count in the Irish charts and have had a material effect on them on many occasions. The knock-on effect for small Irish bands is just enormous.

Because it is SMS based, bands can literally shout out short-codes on stage. Offline and online are now seamless! Not only that, but the site has been expanded to include band merchandise too. 

The recent launch of a USB key featuring 15 of the best Indie tracks from DownloadMusic is another bit of marketing brilliance.

Head on over, play a few clips and try it out. If you like it, why not blog about it too?

The Tuesday Push is eWrite Lite

conor 9th of September 2008 by conor

This week’s Push is Cork-based eWrite Lite, a suite of tools built around a CMS to enable SMEs to get online cheaply and easily. If I hear of one more SME having to pay a web-designer every time they want the content on their site updated, I’m going to start naming and shaming. eWrite Lite is perfect for those many small companies out there who are paying through the nose to get simple sites developed and maintained.

Check it out and blog about your impressions of it.