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New Year’s TurboGears Sprint

conor 31st of December 2007 by conor

For the more technical readers of Web2Ireland, there is a TurboGears (TG) sprint happening around the world this January. TG is a Python web framework used to quickly and efficiently build web applications. In Ireland the two main users I know of are Lukulu and LouderVoice.

The idea is to accelerate development of the next version of the framework by having a giant TG2 sprint/party on 12th/13th of January, and do it at various places all around the world on the same weekend. There will be several in the US, at least one in the UK, one in Germany and if there is sufficient interest we could have one in Ireland. One of the lead devs (Alberto Valverde) now lives in Dublin.

Irish users of Django and Pylons would be more than welcome as there is plenty of sharing that can go on between the three frameworks (and TG2 sits on Pylons). Testers and documentation people are very welcome too.

Let us know if you are interested. If there is a sufficient number, I’ll see if someone can host it in Dublin.

BN Editors Now

conor 23rd of December 2007 by conor

Martyn Davies who wrote for Blognation UK has posted a list of the current blogs of all the ex-Blognation editors. I encourage you to subscribe to them. Obviously the Irish one is here!

PutPlace goes beta

admin 21st of December 2007 by admin

The team at PutPlace just released an invite only beta.


PutPlace could be described as a butler for your entire digital life. PutPlace gathers all the valuable, digital stuff you’ve created and stockpiled over your lifetimefrom photos and documents, to music and home movies. Then PutPlace organizes it, protects it and helps you find exactly what you need, wherever you are.

Sign up for a beta account - and provide Joe and his team with feedback/comments.

PutPlace have some exciting announcements coming out in 2008 – so stay tuned.

PollDaddy Partners With

admin 21st of December 2007 by admin


Polldaddy Partners With Piczo – which will enable the popular online poll service for the 30m users of Piczo.

Polldaddy is growing very fast – capturing a lot of intelligent data – 2008 will be a great year for them

Web2Ireland – Funding opportunities

admin 20th of December 2007 by admin

As the Season for goodwill approaches – and end of tax year, folk are turning attention to the tax bill.

BES opportunities in Web2Ireland land

The only one i know so far is Loudervoice. Loudervoice was recently selected as one of Europe’s hot web2.0 companies at the LeWeb3 conference in Paris.

Check out the details at Loudervoice BES Update

Other companies – drop web2ireland.editor a note via email

Swarmteams: capturing the buzz of trusted fans

admin 20th of December 2007 by admin

Cool Irish startup Swarmteams gets a great piece of coverage on well known blog

Net, Blogs and Rock’n'Roll: Swarmteams: capturing the buzz of trusted fans

Expect to hear more from Ken and his team over 2008

MAXRoam secures high-street distribution

admin 20th of December 2007 by admin


Techcrunch UK covers the story on MAXRoam securing high-street distribution with Maplins

Pat is on a roll
– expect to hear big news soon from them.

Irish Web2.0 visiting the valley – PaddysValley coverage

admin 14th of December 2007 by admin

Some great coverage from the PaddysValley trip.

Check out John Collins reports and this from Yahoo blog

Congratulations to all involved on PV trip

Read/WriteTalk- Irish Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

admin 9th of December 2007 by admin

ReadWriteWeb podcast service speaks to the PaddysValley folks – Read/WriteTalk – Irish Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley

XTech comes to Dublin

conor 7th of December 2007 by conor

The annual XTech Conference is coming to Dublin from May 6th-9th 2008 and they are looking for proposals for presentations and tutorials.

The theme for this year's event is one close to my heart, The Web on the Move and it will focus on

the emerging portability of data, applications and identity on the internet. We will explore the benefits, issues, practicalities and fun of a web built on open standards, open source and commodity technology.

I'm looking forward to this one.