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Paddy’s Valley in the Press

conor 30th of July 2007 by conor

We did an updated Press Release on Paddy’s Valley yesterday and so far there has been a piece in The Irish Times, another on Finfacts and I’ll be on a news bulletin on Cork 103FM (hyperlocal!). As always, full information to be found at and we’ll be updating over there with any press mentions.

The support of Enterprise Ireland in this has been noticed very strongly by the press.

No Business Plans Please if you want VC investment

admin 27th of July 2007 by admin

Paul Kedrosky on The Twitter Lesson: No Business Plans Please

Great read – and very true.

Hosting Recommendations

admin 25th of July 2007 by admin

It’s “ask the community” time :-)

At mySay, we’re interested in recommendations for Hosting services. We’re currently using Fasthosts in the UK, and we’re considering some Irish-based options. As this community knows quite a bit about this topic, it’d be great to hear your thoughts on same. Happy to summarise and re-blog any feedback.

First Web2Ireland DemoBar with FOWA Roadtrip visit

admin 23rd of July 2007 by admin

Web2Ireland will hold its first DemoBar in conjunction with the FOWA Roadtrip – when Ryan visits Dublin on Thursday, September 13th, 2007.

What’s a Web2Ireland DemoBar ?

- bring the Web2Ireland community together
- obviously its in a Bar – so some drinks
- 10 lucky Web2Ireland companies/entrepreneurs will get to setup DemoBar booths to show off their wares.
- we will have at least one invited guest
- it will be free !!

What’s next ?

- watch this space for event information and how to apply for a “DemoBar booth”
- if interested in providing sponsorship – email here

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher of AllThingsD in Dublin

admin 23rd of July 2007 by admin

Check out Kara’s blog

Would be great if some of the local web2.0 startup’s could meet up Walt and Kara.

Venture capital investors wake up to Web 2.0

admin 23rd of July 2007 by admin

Venture capital investors wake up to Web 2.0 – Financial Times –

Techcrunch also has details – Investment is 52% up on the same period last year and the highest figure recorded since the 2001.

Wonder how Irish VC activity in Irish Web2.0 space benchmarks against this news.

StatCounter founder is one of BusinessWeek’s Top Young Entrepreneurs 2007

admin 19th of July 2007 by admin

Aodhan Cullen, ceo and founder, of Statcounter is one of the top under-25 entrepreneurs in Europe – as per Businessweek article: StatCounter Rakes In the Clicks

Quotes from article:

“StatCounter currently has more than 1.5 million users and tracks more than 9 billion page views per month across its network of 2.2 million Web sites. Cullen won’t discuss revenues for the privately held company, but says he’s signing up 1,500 new members per day.”

“So what’s next for Cullen? Venture capitalists have been beating a path to his door but so far the young entrepreneur says he isn’t interested in being bought out. He says he wants to continue growing the company, which has been profitable from the start, on his own, by improving the services he can offer his customers.”

Foldspy covered by ReadWriteWeb

admin 18th of July 2007 by admin

Josh at ReadWriteWeb has coverage on an Irish web2.0 startup – FoldspyOptimize Ad Placements with FoldSpy

Eoghan McCabe is the founder of Foldspy.

Movies on a USB Key

admin 17th of July 2007 by admin

Joe has a great post on Movies on a USB Key

An Irish company has the solution – Portomedia – based out of Galway

Servecast acquired for $45 million

admin 17th of July 2007 by admin

Servecast is acquired
for $45 million by Level3. Great exit for Darach, Kevin and team.