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10 Free Tickets for IWTC on Friday (and discounts too)!

conor 28th of February 2008 by conor

Barry at IrishDev has just let us know that he has ten free tickets for tomorrow’s Irish Web Technologies Conference session. First ten people to mail patricia AT will get them. Everyone else can get in at the special price of €50 just for tomorrow. There have been some fantastic sessions here over the past few days. Tomorrow will see talks by:

  • Krishna De
  • Tom Raftery
  • Greg Ryan
  • Russell Nelson
  • Maureen Daly
  • Robert Hogg/Matt Steeples
  • Sean Hanley
  • Bill de Hóra
  • David Rook
  • Paul Walsh
  • John Breslin
  • Shaun Anderson
  • Ivan MacDonald
  • Laurence Veale

The topics will range from the Sematic Web to SEO to IPR

Beat the traffic in Dublin…. via the web

admin 27th of February 2008 by admin

Online service @ Carpooling –

Great idea – now we just need the govt. to create carpool lanes…. operation freeflow

Web2Ireland 2010

conor 26th of February 2008 by conor

Unfortunately I missed the keynote speech at the opening of the Irish Web Technology Conference given by Fergus Burns of Nooked. Luckily the PPT is now available on Slideshare.

Quite simply, what he said.

A much needed wake-up call.

I hope to see lots more like this over the next few days at IWTC. It’s not too late to get a ticket.

Update: Video of talk available – Thanks to Martha

Demo your app at IWTC Conference

conor 26th of February 2008 by conor

The buzz around the IWTC conference is massive at the moment. There are going to be tons of heavy hitters from Ireland and the UK there. The organisers still have a few demo slots open for tomorrow afternoon. Why not apply? You’ve nothing to lose and maybe your app will catch the eye of someone looking for an investment opportunity. At the very worst you’ll get some great feedback. Contact barry AT irishdev DOT com if you want to apply for a slot.

xCellerate2008 – Bringing Silicon Valley to Ireland event

admin 21st of February 2008 by admin

The xCellerate2008 event next week has the following offer for the Web2Ireland community

A discount code Tran08 – which takes the price down to 60EUR – Buy here

Panelists for xCellerate2008 include

* Chris Horn, Founder & Chairman, IONA Technologies
* Bernie Cullinan, CEO Clarigen, Ex-CEO of SteelTrace
* Noel Ruane, Founder & CEO BrandMail Solutions
* David Smith, Merrion Capital
* Shay Garvey, Partner, Delta Partners
* Maura Moore, Lead Equity Advisor, EquityNetwork
* Deirdre Terrins, Crescent Capital – Investment Manager
* Michele Carroll, President, Carrollco Marketing Services
* Damien Eastwood, Angel Investor, Xcellangels
* Brain Caulfield, Interim CEO, AePONA
* Chris Gill, CEO Silicon Valley Association of Start-up Entrepreneurs
* Diane Roberts, Partner, xCell Partners

Irish Software Association Conference 2008 – web2.0 focus

admin 19th of February 2008 by admin

The Irish Software Association would traditionally be viewed as “enterprise focussed” – but this years Annual Conference has a web2.0 focus

Speakers include

- Guy Kawasaki
- Ray Nolan – hostelworldon his way to the $1billion exit
- Jerry Kennelly – stockbyte – exited in 2006…

and a host of others.

Promises to be a great event – signup now – spaces are filling up fast.

Update: First 10 to register – gets an entry fee of €200 [use code: Burns08]

TechCrunch love for Pixenate

admin 18th of February 2008 by admin

Walter at Pixenate – gets some love from TechCrunch UK

Walter has done a brilliant job developing a market leading solution in simple online image editing – and out executing some rather large companies at the same time

Entrepreneurs – North West of Ireland – EI Event

admin 18th of February 2008 by admin

Starting a Technology Business?

A Free Information Evening

In Gallaghers Hotel, Letterkenny on 12th March 2008 – starting at 6.30pm

Numerous speakers on the night…

For further details and to register:


Tel: + 353 (0) 74 9169823

Next TechLudd in Limerick on Thursday 21st Feb

conor 12th of February 2008 by conor

The next TechLudd meetup is being held in Limerick on Thursday week in the George Hotel. The organisers would appreciate it if you would register in advance. Full details over on Anton Mannering’s Blog.

Westport goes 3D – with help from Irish company and Google

admin 10th of February 2008 by admin

Irish company – AMT3D – using their 3D software technology have powered a 3D view of Westport on Google Earth

For more details check Google turns Irish town 3D | The Register