RateMyArea launches

10th of November 2008 by conor

Mike Brennan has contacted us to announce the launch of RateMyArea, a site dedicated to helping people find, review, share and discuss their favourite places. It’s a hyper-local social search site which currrently is concentrated on Dublin but they do have plans to expand their coverage.

It’s a very attractive looking site with lots of information already in the system and an intuitive UI built around Google Maps.


This is a highly competitive area with startups like OnTheMap and large businesses like YourLocal and GoldenPages trying to get the critical mass required. The ones who nail it should do very well for themselves and shouldn’t require the massive spend of US businesses like Yelp to get scale. WeLoveLocal in the UK had a nice exit after barely a year and got most of their growth in London.

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4 Responses to “RateMyArea launches”

Great looking site and really easy to use. Nice job guys.

Thanks Paul, glad you liked it! We also have a (beta) iPhone version of the site, which you might find useful.

Ah, an iPhone version, now I am sold. Looking up places from my laptop is nice but having the same service in my pocket is genuinely useful. The site looks even better on the iPhone. Now if only the iPhone provided GPS location data through Mobile Safari.

Another great “where to live” website is HoodPoints. This website also allows people to share crime reports.