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On-line meets off-line –

admin 19th of September 2006 by admin

Judy Gibbons of Accel, mentioned this at the web2Ireland event – where “On-line meets off-line.”

A great example was launched today –

The Accelerator Group (TAG): On-line meets off-line.

Startupalooza – Time to leave MSFT/AMZN/GOOG

admin 19th of September 2006 by admin

Upcoming event in Startupalooza – Time to leave MSFT/AMZN/GOOG

Will we see one of these in Ireland within 12 months ? Time for folks to leave the Irish AGILE AMY

Rick Segal and Shel Israel to visit Ireland

admin 18th of September 2006 by admin

Rick and Shel are coming to Ireland

They will be in Cork and Dublin. On 17th Oct, 2006 they will be in Cork – see here for details.

They will be in Dublin on the evening of Oct 18th, 2006 – al geeks and bloggers are invited to a get-together at the Market Bar, Fade Street for 8pm.

Shel and Rick will also be attending the SaaS event on Oct 19th.

Update – Please RSVP VIA THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND (feel free to leave your name, blog/website and/or company).

Irish visit dConstruct

admin 14th of September 2006 by admin

Conor has a great writeup from the recent dConstruct event held in Brighton, UK.

Some related reading from presentations
- Jeffrey Veen (Google – ex-Adaptive Path) – presentation
- Jeremy Keith – Adactio – talk
- Jeff Barr – Amazon – talk


admin 14th of September 2006 by admin


Plans for the 1st BarCampIreland [Cork, September 30th, 2006] are taking shape thanks to the great work of Conor, Walter and Damien down in Cork.

Check out the wiki and blog

This will be the first of many BarCampIreland events, and the plan is to move this event around the country [Folks from Dublin, Galway, Waterford, Castlebar, Sligo, Befast all volunteered venues for this event]

Company Profile :

admin 9th of September 2006 by admin web-operating-platform

Company Name: (aka JSSL).
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Sector: Web-operating-platform
Founded: 1992
CEO: John Sheridan

Description: Eclayer is a new and unique technology that makes your computer become a virtual part of the web-site you are browsing. It allows web-sites to use the resources of your computer directly. This includes relational-database access, image creation and manipulation, and file creation and manipulation. It also supports mashing directly from the browser making it much easier for Web 2.0 site developers to work with APIs from Google, Yahoo, and others.

MySpace and Bebo users will love it because it makes these sites work much faster.

Key benefits for web-developers and site owners,

* Mashing (cross-site scripting) directly from browser
* Complete SQLite relational database directly from browser
* Complete ImageMagick library API directly from browser
* File management API directly from browser
* Faster, lower-bandwidth, bigger & better building blocks

Visit us now – we’re live!
download page


admin 9th of September 2006 by admin

Post282 is an Irish site that lets you create your own private community for chatting, posting, RSS aggregation, photo/video sharing, and lots more.. It’s just getting going and it’s still in beta now, but there are almost 500 communities already …Naturally what makes it even better is that it’s 100% Irish!

Irish Web 2.0 News – Is there any?

admin 9th of September 2006 by admin

Thanks Fergus for inviting me to contribute to the site. In my mind this site has two goals – to promote web 2.0 companies in Ireland, and for the moment, to highlight the stark lack of them! Michael Arrington’s Techcrunch web 2.0 blog in the US has more posts daily than I can read, and while I don’t expect Ireland to create as many web 2.0 companies as our cross-shore technorati, the current lack of grassroots innovation does not bode well for the future of a country that is the second largest exporter of software in the world.

To that end, I’d like to see some drive from Enterprise Ireland and the National Universities to foster and support more web-based entrepreneurs.


conor 7th of September 2006 by conor

Irish IT Conference turns the audience into the presenters.

The first BarCamp event to be held in Ireland will bring a fresh twist to the usual IT gatherings. BarCamp is an event model imported from the United States with the mantra of No spectators, only participants.

Conor O'Neill, of Argolon Solutions, one of the event organisers stated BarCamp is an informal gathering of people from technical and business backgrounds who wish to share their knowledge and learn from others. BarCamp has a policy of encouraging active participation in all discussions.

Discussions on the day will include: Working in niche markets, VC and angel funding, war stories from starting software companies in Ireland and How to run a real business inside a virtual world. However the
flexible BarCamp structure allows anyone to start their own discussion by adding their topic to the discussion noticeboard on the day.

Co-organiser Walter Higgins Of added Building our knowledge economy starts with creating a community of developers and business people to manage this, events like BarCamp are hoped to start this process.

BarCamp Ireland is an all-day event being held in the Webworks* building in Cork on Saturday September 30th. To attend, please follow the instructions at the BarCampIreland Wiki. You can also subscribe to the BarCampIreland Blog for news updates.

*The Webworks building is a custom built property for IT companies and companies that utilise a large amount of information technology.

** ENDS **
Media Contacts:
Conor O'Neill 087 979 02 97
Walter Higgins 086 851 1600

Technorati Tags:

Company Profile: Infacta

admin 7th of September 2006 by admin - Emarketing Solutions

Company Name: Infacta Ltd.
Location: Sligo, Ireland & Bellingham, WA, USA
Sector: Online Marketing
Founded: 1998
CEO: Jonathan Hill
Funding: N/A

Description: Infacta provides micro and small businesses the tools required to better market themselves and understand their customers online.

Our core products and services are:

  • GroupMail, provides customers with the means to run cost effective email marketing and newsletter campaigns in-house. RSS & SMS support available with Fax support in beta.
  • GroupMetrics, allows customers to track the effectiveness of their campaigns from email through to any given website objective.
  • GroupSurveys, gives customers the ability to build detailed and powerful online surveys and polls in an AJAX environment and the means to analyse responses in a variety of ways using a suite of powerful reporting tools