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Software As A Service event (Dublin, October 19th)

admin 31st of August 2006 by admin

Software As A Service: A New Model For Revenue Growth

Theme: Software as a Service, On Demand software, Enterprise 2.0

Begins: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 at 8:30 AM

Ends: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 at 3:00 PM


Auditorium, Digital Hub



Registration fee: Free

Last date for registration: Thu, 19 Oct 2006

Last date for paper submission: Sun, 01 Oct 2006

Organizer: Benjamin Mosse


New global opportunities. New challenges. New business models. New partner relationships. Gartner says that by 2008, more than 50% of software purchased will be as a service. The way that enterprises acquire software is changing. You need to be aware of this trend: it will impact how you sell your software. Join industry experts and thought leaders on October 19th to learn how SaaS will fundamentally disrupt the software business. Learn what this disruption means for your business and explore the opportunities and challenges of on-demand software.

Sign up at

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Company Profile:

admin 30th of August 2006 by admin

Company Name:
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Sector: Communications
Founded: 2006
CEO: Ivan MacDonald
Funding: Undisclosed.
Key Investors: Enterprise Ireland, Trinity Venture Capital
Description: MySay lets you send expressive voice messages, greetings and invitations to groups of friends, direct to their telephone.

How to avoid funding agents when raising VC

admin 30th of August 2006 by admin

Nova Spivak of Radar Networks advises startups to “be careful about using funding agents or “finders” to help you locate and raise venture capital”. The rest of the article discusses the subject in more detail, and provides suggestions for how to structure a deal with a finder if you still want to use one.

Company Profile :

admin 29th of August 2006 by admin


Company Name: (aka Secantus Ltd).
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Blog: (for now, expect a blog to appear on any internet second)
Sector: Digital Media
Founded: 2006
CEO: Joe Drumgoole
Funding: Founder funded to date

Description: gives home users the capability to find, organise, secure and share their digital lives. Home users are generating vast amounts of new digital content every year and PutPlace aims to help them out by dealing with all the headaches associated with managing large amounts of cotent.

Next time you ask yourself,

  • How do I share my flickr photos with smugmug users
  • How do I publish new content automatically
  • Where did I put last years holiday snaps
  • How do I manage my 100GB of digital video

Take a trip over to (opening soon!)

3i article on web2.0 – i-Sight insights

fergus 29th of August 2006 by fergus

Following up from a recent 3i event on web2.0, where Daniel Waterhouse was one of the principal organizers.

“The Internet revolution isn’t finished yet. The first wave of web technologies – Web 1.0 – revolutionised existing forms of trade and communications. Web 2.0 is set to revolutionise the web itself, creating entirely new channels of business and social interaction. Our recent i-Sight web 2.0 event, brought to light many insights into this new revolution…”

See report here which contains great commentary from Yahoo, Lastminute, Fotolog and others.

Other information available here

First BarCampIreland to be held in Cork

conor 29th of August 2006 by conor

Damien Mulley has grabbed the bull by the horns and has roped Walter and myself in to organise the BarCampIreland for Cork. It will be held in the superb new Webworks in Cork City centre. The original date was September 23rd but there seems to be some momentum behind the 30th. Please indicate your preference here or over at Damien’s blog. Information specific to the event is here. General BarCamp info is here and Rules of BarCamp are here.

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BW Seek’s Europe’s Best Entrepreneurs Under 25. Archives

fergus 28th of August 2006 by fergus

Just miss the date cutoff :-)

alarm:clock euro: BW Seek’s Europe’s Best Entrepreneurs Under 25. Archives


admin 28th of August 2006 by admin

Name: Post282
Location: Dublin
Sector: Community Building Website
Founded: 2006
CEO: Robert O’Leary
Funding: N/A

Post282 lets you create your own private websites. Creating a site is free and very easy to do. Once you have signed up, you can create accounts for friends so that they can log in to the site you’ve created. On your site you will be able to create posts (including rich text and media posts), chat directly with other members of your community, connect to and read RSS feeds, customize your interface, and more. As the creator of the community you have administrative rights to edit or delete any post, and add and remove community members.

Post282 is still in Beta (like all good Web 2.0 applications), but feedback from our existing users is allowing us to constantly upgrade and improve. Currently planned are a make-over for the entry site to the system, and various mash-up style 3rd party service integration features.

Irish to invade Stanford GSB

fergus 25th of August 2006 by fergus

Stanford GSB, a breeding ground for Web2.0 startups, and for the HR people from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc will be invaded by Irish CEO’s this year, as part of an innovative initative from Enterprise Ireland – Leadership 4 Growth.

See here for more details.

Company Profile: Sxoop Technologies

admin 25th of August 2006 by admin

Company Name: Sxoop Technologies Ltd.
Location: Cork, Ireland
Sector: Internet Development
Founded: 2005
CEO: Walter Higgins
Funding: Undisclosed.
Description: Sxoop builds applications for the web. It’s flagship product is Pixenate; A web-based photo editor which can be installed and customized for use on customers websites.