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RTE News on API Wars & Facebook Garage

conor 7th of March 2009 by conor

Lots more posts coming about Thursdays events. Suffice to say it blew away everyone’s expectations. 150+ people spent the afternoon learning and networking. Thanks again to all the speakers. Here is RTE’s coverage of it (full news episode on RTE site here):

Tags for Wars and Garage

conor 4th of March 2009 by conor

To enable everyone to track what’s happening at API Wars and Facebook Garage, we recommend using the “web2ire” tag on any platform that supports them including hashtags (#web2ire) on Twitter.

This means you can track the conversation on Twitter in real-time here, blogposts on Technorati, pictures on Flickr and even more pictures on


Show and Tell at API Wars and Facebook Garage

conor 2nd of March 2009 by conor

The sign-ups for both API Wars and Facebook Garage have really exceeded anything we expected. Looking like 100+ will show up for both. There might be a babycham or two afterwards. Did I mention that the Garage is sponsored by Intel? The first Garage ever that they have sponsored. Nice eh? 

But it turns out that many of you are being far too coy. Events like these, which at heart are Unconferences or Unevents, rely on those attending to be more than passive listeners.

That’s why we’re putting the call out. If you want to talk on any topic relevant to either session, let us know. You don’t need slides, heck you don’t need notes, just have something interesting to say. Got an app with an API? Wanna tell people about it? Let us know. Got an app that mashes-up a bunch of APIs? Let us know. Integrated Facebook Connect or built an FB App? Let us know.

web2ireland DOT editor AT gmail DOT com

Operators are standing by, come on down.

API Wars and Opportunities

conor 24th of February 2009 by conor

As a primer for our Facebook Garage, we are also running a session on APIs right before it in the Digital Exchange on March 5th.

This is the first Web2Ireland API Wars and Opportunities event. Many entrepreneurs and startups are building their business on the “shoulder of giants” by using their APIs and this mini-event/workshop is an opportunity for the Web2Ireland community to meet and discuss

  • using APIs for business development
  • building mashups/widgets/etc
  • apps on mobile platforms – iPhone, Android, nokia, etc
  • using enterprise 2.0 platforms –, IBM, etc
  • developer infrastructure – Amazon, Google App Engine

If you are attending in any capacity, please sign-up here.

If you are interested in speaking or demoing,  just email web2ireland.editor @

By signing up for Web2Ireland API Wars you are automatically included in attendee list for Developer Garage – check here for more information on Facebook Garage

And then some social drinks for all involved….