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Property webservice Daft going Global

admin 20th of January 2010 by admin

Daft announced recently their Polish Property web service –

The site is going live with about 60,000 properties across every major city and town in Poland. Approximately ten times larger than the Irish market, Poland has a population of 38 million.

This is also the first Daft site to run entirely on Amazon EC2 Cloud platform.

Eamonn Fallon, founder of Daft, over IM informed us that “The site auto-scales which is a pretty cool technology. Yesterday we went from 3 servers to 18 at the peak and we didn’t have to really worry about it.”

Building your webapp in the cloud

conor 21st of July 2008 by conor

Whilst today is possibly not the best day ever to discuss cloud computing/storage, given the S3 problems last night, we’re doing another call on interest in attending a session on this in the near future.

Both the Amazon sessions in Dublin and Cork were very strongly attended so the interest seems to be there in general. However there are also a wide range of offerings out there from IBM, Salesforce and of course Google. Salesforce had their recent conference here which covered the Platform as a service and I’ve been talking to the IBM guys in Ireland who have their cloud computing centre in Mulhuddart.

I know many people were excited when the Google App Engine was announced. For some reason there seems to be a very strong Python dev community here with lots of startups using Django too, so the fit is quite strong.

So two questions for you this morning. First, if there was a full day session covering the cloud by one of these vendors, would you be interested in attending and what would you like to hear about (biz, tech, mix, heavy API drilldown)? Secondly, let us know in the comments what you are up to in this area.