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FineTuna is the Tuesday Push

conor 10th of June 2009 by conor

It’s not just Dolphin-friendly, it’s the perfect app for a specific problem. FineTuna lets you upload pics, annotate them with comments etc and then forward on to someone.


I’ve attempted to do similar using paint packages like but all their features just get in the way.

FineTuna is ideal when you are either going through design revisions for a site or trying to highlight bugs or things you don’t like on a live site.

The lack of any requirement to sign-up is another bonus and the Firefox Extension makes it a no-brainer to use.

This isn’t just a tool for desingers and web-devs and their customers, it is also a superb customer-support tool. I know I’ll be using it a lot from now on.

If you like FineTuna, why not do your own (Wednesday) Push of it?

New Design for Web2Ireland

conor 16th of April 2008 by conor

We pleased as punch to unveil our new design for the Web2Ireland site. A major thank you to James Gallagher who did all the work for us. We’ll be adding a few tweaks here and there in the coming days.

James is hiimjames on Twitter, you should add him.

Now if only there was someone out there who would do us a logo :-)