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The Real Time Web – Investor Perspective

admin 12th of June 2009 by admin

Great Video from Robert Scoble with Fred Wilson at Union Square Ventures on his new Building43 startup

Ties in with Ron Conway, godfather of Angel investing in the valley – and his new “investment theme” – persistent/real time data. As per Techcrunch piece “has a goal to invest in 40-50 companies in the next 18 months. His focus will be companies exploiting “real-time data,” which he calls “the next billion dollar market opportunity.” Conway is already an investor in Twitter and Facebook, two companies solidly in the real-time space.”

Check out this video with Ron on AllThingsD

Web2Ireland – what’s going on..

admin 29th of May 2008 by admin

Taking a leaf out our good friend, Marc Canter’s style of blogging

Some bits from @ the globe

Social media on the up – lots of stats from the Universal McCann’s report on third wave of global research into social media. It shows the majority of users are producing content and there is an ongoing shift towards participation – with lots of stats for folks.

Bubble 2.0 from Silicon Republic – with pearls of wisdom from the IVCA – The local venture capital (VC) community in Ireland is still cautious, though it has raised €750m to invest in the next wave of technology firms, having invested €1bn over the past decade. “Most of our investments would be in software firms that can grow to scale, not in companies or because someone has a nice widget,” says Regina Breheny, director general of the Irish Venture Capital Association. “Funding in Irish companies is at its highest now since 2001, but much of these are follow-on investments in existing companies. There is still a lot of work to be done in raising money to seed new start-ups. Venture capitalists are currently raising money but it’s debatable how much of these funds will go into new plays in the next five years.”

Morgan Stanley report on Internet – with coverage on Techcrunch – contains a nice reference to Lenny at Polldaddy

D Conference – sponsored by the IDA – contains some great videos from this executive level conf in US

Health 2.0 startup Revahealth – is looking for staff – check careers page.

Robin Blandford has left the comforts of corporate world to do his own startup – no doubt it will be a big winner..