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3rd of February 2011 by conor

I met Mike from yesterday and was hugely impressed by this new business which only launched in December. The premise is simple: put up a spec for a printing job on the site, it automatically sends it to all the relevant suppliers they have in the system and a percentage of those quote for the business. You then pick the quote which makes most sense to you.

Easy Peasy.

When Mike told me about some of the cost savings he has seen, I was pretty shocked. But it’s about more than that, it’s a massive time saver. We got a big print job done last year and it took huge effort ringing around, waiting for callbacks, sending the job spec etc etc. deals with all of that for you.

The service is free during the pilot period and well worth a look.

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I like the idea of and see the need but quality is a big consideration when selecting a printer.
I have tried many printers over the years and have eventually settled on a personal list with 3 types of printers.

Expensive – but always do a really lovely finish.
Reasonable -professional and quick.
Fast – digital for quick short runs.

Not sure how you could rank quotes like that or if the printers would even let you!

Anway best of luck mike I am sure I will try you out.

Thanks very much Alan.

Cost reduction is not the primary objective of The aim is to ‘source’ great local suppliers.

Currently, this is being achieved by providing each supplier with a ‘profile page’ which is their shop-window on This page allows the supplier describe who they are, where they are and who they currently deal with etc. This page is visible to the buyer when they are making their buying decision.

In future (and the really exciting part), is that buyers and suppliers will have the ability to provide feedback on each other in the form of a quick review. This will then fuel a ratings system facilitating the sourcing of great local suppliers…

Let me know if I can assist you with