Tuesday Push – Decisions For Heroes (D4H)

19th of May 2009 by conor

I’ve been reading a lot of Umair Haque recently and with every article, I immediately think of Decisions For Heroes, just launched by Robin Blandford.


D4H is a site/system/service for Rescue Teams. Its aim to is help those who risk their lives carrying out rescues by providing tools and information to do their job better.

As the Zombieconomy collapses around us, it will be valuable, useful and powerful tools that come from ideals which will power the recovery.

Go check out the D4H site and take part in the Tuesday Push to get the word out about this utterly inspirational service that embodies Constructive Capitalism.

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3 Responses to “Tuesday Push – Decisions For Heroes (D4H)”


thanks for reading + i’m glad you’re enjoying. i met robin and the team at seedcamp last year, i thought d4h was awesome when i saw it!

i’ll try to write about it when i get time.


Hi again Umair!

You’ll recognise out Tangible Human Outcomes then


Cheers for the direction!