Irish man on stage for Apple Developer Conference

11th of June 2008 by admin

Loads of excitement at the Apple Developer Conference – with an Irish man centre stage – and a good friend of Web2Ireland

Ben Mosse – formely of Enterprise Ireland – and now VP, Associated Press – announced a cool iPhone application that his team developed out of New York.

Do check the video’s out from the Steve Jobs keynote – available in iTunes

Question – any Irish startups working on iPhone platform – see related note from Om – do drop us a note in the comments

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3 Responses to “Irish man on stage for Apple Developer Conference”

We’ve just started coding a coClarity client for the iPhone. Very early stages, so if anyone out there has some Objective-C experience and a hankering to change the world, please let us know.

Thanks for the kind words, Fergus. Last week was great … we even bagged an Apple Design Award. I’m told it still counts even though it was a runner-up award.

Also, to put the record straight, I’m not a VP at AP … I work with them as Director of Mobile Products. See you in New York soon?