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Irish iPhone App School Announced

conor 12th of June 2009 by conor

This is the sort of news I love reporting. We now have an App School in Ireland. Over the course of 5 days you can learn how to build iPhone Apps. Run by SQT Training, Patrick Collison and Damien Mulley, this will give you all the skills you get to get your App built and launched. At only €1500 for the week, that’s a bargain considering how much traditional programming training courses cost. The first course is on in the Castleknock Hotel Dublin from July 20-24.

One of the best courses I ever did was back in 2006 when Ryan Carson presented his one day workshop, “A-Z: How to Build a Web App”. Because it wasn’t just about tech but also about all the pitfalls in trying to launch an App, it enabled us to avoid many common mistakes. My sense is that App School could do the same.

As I said on Twitter earlier, I believe that iPhone & Android development could be to techie teenagers what the ZX Spectrum, C64 and BBC Micro were to my generation. I am what I am today because I got a Speccy when I was 14. I taught myself Basic, Forth and Z80 assembler. I even had games published in magazines. Imagine being 15 years old and having people download your App from the iPhone App Store or Android Market. The buzz!

I want to see the next generation of people coming out of technical course in third level education with at least one mobile app and one webapp in their portfolio. The days when Java skills got you a job in a bank are over.

Well done everyone involved in getting App School launched. Looking forward to seeing what the Alumni develop.

Look and Taste launches iPhone application

admin 1st of May 2009 by admin

look and taste

Look and Taste have launched a cool iPhone application [Full version at £5.99 and a Free Lite version]

Check the video here

Web2Ireland – what’s going on – week ending July 18th, 2008

admin 22nd of July 2008 by admin

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This week’s Tuesday Push is 1time
– see list of coverage
IETF Meeting in Dublin
Three Weeks left to apply to SeedCamp
Barcamps – Cork
Startup Ideas – from Paul Graham
Building your webapp in the cloud

Other bits of news on techcrunch
iPhone app for Irish Rail
Social network for horse betting
Roomex hitting big targets

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Web2Ireland – what’s going on – week ending June 13th

admin 13th of June 2008 by admin

Folks seem to like these posts – so here’s some bits and bobs from around the Web2Ireland scene…

Web2Ireland branding to improve with new logo – Thanks to all submissions and votesthe Web2Ireland community voted to an entry from Spoiltchild.

Dial2Do announce deal with Jajah

Irish and the iPhone

Zignals launches

Irish connection at Skydeck

Salesforce mashup/developer/platform event in Dublin – Tour De Force – June 30th

Dial2Do and Feedhenry at Launch Silicon Valley 2008Dial2Do win award

Finetuna launches – coverage on Nextweb – another great service from Alan and his team at SpoiltChild

Joe is on a roll – 30million awaiting an Irish YCombinator – and Ireland’s Digital Future

Mike Butcher of Techcrunch coming to Dublin – event on June 26th – signup here

Robin Blandford startup Decisionforheroses taking shape

Best wishes to Tom Raftery and family – as they move to Spain – from all his friends at web2Ireland. Keep in touch Tom.

Irish VC’s to replace Irish banksno widget companies or .com companies need apply

Ticket-Text – interesting Irish company – “ticket text is a new low cost ticketing agent that delivers tickets via text messages (SMS) and print-at-home e-tickets. Simply bring your SMS or print-at-home e-ticket to the venue, scan your ticket and you’re in!”Ryanair is a customer.

Firefox Party reminder – June 19th – in Dublin

Bonus links…
Good article on “Your ad-supported Web 2.0 site is actually a B2B enterprise in disguise”

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Irish man on stage for Apple Developer Conference

admin 11th of June 2008 by admin

Loads of excitement at the Apple Developer Conference – with an Irish man centre stage – and a good friend of Web2Ireland

Ben Mosse – formely of Enterprise Ireland – and now VP, Associated Press – announced a cool iPhone application that his team developed out of New York.

Do check the video’s out from the Steve Jobs keynote – available in iTunes

Question – any Irish startups working on iPhone platform – see related note from Om – do drop us a note in the comments