Web2Ireland DemoBar + FOWA Roadtrip + Web2Ireland Week

21st of August 2007 by admin

DemoBar details

- check Facebook for event details
— Thursday September 13th – 6.30pm – Ely HQ
- for one of the 10 demo slots – please send an email note with company summary details
- for sponsorship opportunities – please contact us

For more information on the rest of Web2Ireland Week – check here

7 Responses to “Web2Ireland DemoBar + FOWA Roadtrip + Web2Ireland Week”

[...] DemoBar guys have finalised their time and location so we can can now slot in nicely. Our meet-up is [...]

[...] following this in the same location is the combined DemoBar and FOWA Road Trip. This is starting to look like one of those evenings where, if you don’t [...]

Anyone going to FOWA in London in Oct?

I think there will be a strong Irish turnout at FOWA. Should get a sense at the RoadTrip event.

[...] Thursday September 13th, an event called DemoBar is being held. This is a chance for 10 web startups to demo their product to an audience consisting [...]

[...] genuinely thrilled that Enterprise Ireland has agreed to run a pitch training session in advance of DemoBar on Thursday September 13th. It is aimed at those doing a DemoBar presentation that evening and also [...]

[...] DemoBar, where a selection of Irish startups demonstrated their forthcoming products and ideas, and others networked over a few pints; and [...]