Le Web 2010 (Part 6) – Conor O’Neill, LouderVoice

17th of January 2011 by admin

Le Web 2010 – what it meant for Ireland (part 6)

This is 6th in a series of audio interviews about Le Web 2010

The aim is to examine the experience & value of Le Web 2010 from the point of view of those who went from Ireland.

Paul O’Mahony interviewed those who went to Le Web with Enterprise Ireland. The sixth person he interviewed was Conor O’Neill

Conor O’Neill is CEO of LouderVoice Customer Reviews


During Le Web in December, Conor O’Neill was interviewed. [You can see him interviewed by John Peavoy here …]

Afterward, Conor O’Neill talks about his experience of LeWeb 2010 …

You can listen to the interview with Karen Hallez, Enterprise Ireland, here

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You can tune into to Philip Meagher, Gruupy, here…

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Next interview: Ronan Skehill, Cauwill Technologies & Pinpoints

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