Bill Liao to bring TechStars to Ireland?

11th of June 2010 by conor

Bill Liao, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Xing and philantropist has just indicated that he wants to bring TechStars to Ireland!

If you don’t know what TechStars is, in their own words:

Get your startup funded and off the ground while learning from the best. Get up to $18,000 in seed funding for your new company, plus the chance to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program. At the end of the three month program, it’s your company. TechStars is the best way to get your new company off and running and on a path to success. TechStars companies get 40+ educational opportunities during the program. Learn from over 50 highly accomplished mentors.

I’ve only met Bill briefly and have his book Stone Soup on my desk waiting to be read. His energy and positivity is infectious. Given what he has achieved both in business and through his work in Neo/WeForest, I have no doubt TechStars is going to happen and deliver results for the startup community here.

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6 Responses to “Bill Liao to bring TechStars to Ireland?”

Can I borrow that copy of Stone Soup when you’re done? :-)

Met Bill at IIA conference the other week and his keynote was really inspirational – one of the best I’ve hard in ages.

It’s great to hear that he’s bringing something like this into Ireland.

I should have got the audio book, it takes me months to read even the shortest books at the minute. I’ll see if I can be faster this time and will drop it over to you.

I met him just for a few minutes before the IIA Awards. We’re lucky to have him here, he has the kind of vision that really gets people motivated.

While Bill has indeed expressed an genuine interest in getting an Irish Techstars of the ground Techstars has as part of their International expansion been in discussions with a number of parties in Ireland. The Greenhouse Limerick is one of these.
We are hoping to involve Techstars in our incubation program starting at the end of our current series of weekly start-up bootcamp session.

Hi Evert,

I want Techstars to have an EMEA headquaters in Ireland I am not precious about who they work with I am standing that it happens and fast!

I volunteered them some of my time gratis to assist and am open to working with the entire Irish tech community to make it happen.


Bill, I wasn’t being critical of you. Just a bit fed up with media reporting focussing on “outside involvement”. There are a lot of indiginous efforts doing hard work too ;-)
Delighted with your support and as I said earlier this week “let’s talk”! Ireland is in a good position for this and we can make Techstars part of it!

I am a close friend of Bill’s, and he’s a really nice guy. He’s very enthusiastic and optimistic, and great at supporting people. He helped me loads when I was developing my Mac game, PizzaBot. I first met him at a program in Cork called the Coder Dojo