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4th of September 2009 by admin

Last year at the IWTC keynote event – the view was that all investment monies were going to commercial properties in the likes of Berlin – and where was our “Ron Conway” – who actually sold his first business to CBT – and then went onto to make hundreds of angel investments including the likes of Google, etc.

On twitter recently we asked “Who are the top 10 Irish Angel investors ?”

Response – 3 names so far. Ray Nolan, Paddy Holohan and Pat Lynch. [we welcome any more names/suggestions]

Related to Angel investing in Ireland, is hosting an event Dublin on 22nd September 2009. The “Dragons” are Pat Brazel, Brian Caulfield, Eamonn Fallon and Maurice Roche.

The uber-connected Irish Opportunist, Paul Walsh, has recently joined forces with Angels Den, and Paul will soon be announcing some exciting new initiatives for the Irish market.

To cap it off, Chris Horn, in today’s Irish Times, has an excellent piece on the Smart Economy – Strategy


In what sectors can Ireland win? Digital media, renewable energy and novel telecommunications come to mind. But whatever sector, civil servants should not guess what is going to be hot in the years ahead; rather the State agencies should follow and endorse those angels and founders who put their own money, business experience and commitment to work.

Any suggestions on how to grow the Angel investing scene in Ireland ? please comment….

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Probably a good way to do this would be to publish some basic models or case studies showing the agreement or model used by the Business Angel and Startup could be reproduced by new Angels and other startups.

I was encouraged to hear about Halo Business Angel Network National Directorate which is being jointly funded between Enterprise Ireland and Intertrade – its mission, as umbrella to regional Halo networks, is to encourage angel investment for pre-screened investment opportunity.

It is being headed by Diane Roberts who many of you might know for her work in EI, and is officially launching in Dublin 16th September.

Regretably the website is not functional, so further info from

News, Events and Jobs for the Irish Software Community

There is only a very small core of Angel Investors in Ireland and this “area” needs more attention. There is still lots off untapped private wealth out there and with the right stimulus and education these people can become a valuable Angel Investors resource.
We are planning a discussion/talk on this topic at the upcoming “Business Camp 09″ in Limerick. Not just on how starting entrepreneurs can raise Angel investment but also to show potential investors the ins & outs of Angel Investment.
Details will be announced soon:


Push ideas to Chris Horn's work on #itaskforce (twitter) as that will get 'offical' look-at-it

[...] are looking for the top angel in Ireland. We’ve previously covered this topic before – “Who is the Irish Ron Conway [...]