Irish Travel Search company on way to $1 billion valuation

30th of October 2006 by admin

From the SB Post article

Web Reservations International, a Dublin internet company[owner of brands such as Hostelworld,, etc], plans to launch a travel search engine next January, pitting the firm against internet giants such as Google….. The company made a pre-tax profit of €12.5 million last year as turnover rose by 79 per cent to €28.5 million. He said that a valuation of $1 billion was ‘‘not beyond the realms of possibility’’ for WRI.

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I love rumours about Web Res.As a marketing director for a large hostel chain who has a lot to do with Hostelworld, occassionally I get to ask the guys weather the rumours are true or not. this one I will definately be asking about.

Hostelworld has joined forces with Unicef Ireland to build up reviews, could be for the new site see

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