Web2Ireland 2006 Event

Web2Ireland is Ireland’s Web 2.0 conference, in the Helix DCU glasnevin. You will hear from thought leaders, connect with peers, and get a better understanding of the impact of new developments online.

Web2Ireland is for entrepreneurs, investors, software developers and for those in academia, politics and public policy.

If you’re trying to grasp the fast-moving world of Web 2.0, you need insight and intelligence. Participate in this event, and create your own conversations to get the knowledge you need.

Hosted by Enterprise Ireland

Location: The Helix, DCU
Date: Thursday, 27th April
Time: 9.00AM till late
Guest Speakers:

Judy Gibbons, Venture Partner, Accel;
Marc Canter, BroadBand Mechanics;
Jeff Clavier, SoftTechVC;
Daniel Waterhouse, 3i;
Nasser Batley, DRKW;
Adam Green, Dawinian Web


The agenda will be released soon.

Topics for discussion
Web2.0 – the business opportunity;
Web2.0 – the Open Web;
Web2.0 – Successful companies – Valley perspective;
Web2.0 – Funding – friends through to VC’s;
Web2.0 – the Exits – M&A perspective

also including a Web2Ireland Showcase, with a hint of Mobile2.0 included.

Registration: Through Enterprise Ireland – see here for details

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