dbTwang Closes Angel Round

20th of December 2008 by conor

Whilst the funding environment is very very tough right now, we are still seeing glimmers of light in the gloom.

The latest is dbTwang, a site for guitar owners, which closed its Angel round yesterday. Keith Bohanna and co-founder Fintan Blake-Kelly worked for many months with new director Gerry McQuaid (ex-O2) to raise the funds.

They are using Contrast for the design of dbTwang and Lunar Logic in Krakow for the development, aiming for early closed beta around the 3rd week of February.

If you have any good news on the funding front, drop a line to web2ireland DOT editor AT gmail DOT com

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2 Responses to “dbTwang Closes Angel Round”

Thanks for the mention here, our addition to Crunchbase is on my to-do for over Christmas :-)


Well done, Keith!

Tiny clarification: we’ll be producing wireframes for the app, but the visual design will be done by dbTwang’s in-house expert, Fintan Blake Kelly. :-)