Vote on your favourite logo for Web2Ireland

5th of May 2008 by conor

The logos are in and we like them all! Now it’s down to the Irish Web2 community to pick their favourite. To keep it fair, we’re not telling you who did what until the winner is selected. Remember, the winner gets the following:

  • One year of PollDaddy Pro sponsored by PollDaddy
  • A copy of Microsoft Expression Studio sponsored by Microsoft Ireland
  • A year of Blacknight VPS hosting sponsored by Blacknight Solutions

The entries are:

Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Entry 3:

Entry 4:

Entry 5:

Entry 6:

Entry 7:

Entry 8:

Entry 9:

Entry 10:

Entry 11:

Make your choice now:

We’ll announce the winner in a week’s time.

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14 Responses to “Vote on your favourite logo for Web2Ireland”

Oh man, these are terrible. Where is the option for “none of these”.

I’m shocked a competition to win a copy of Microsoft Expression Studio turned out so bad. What went wrong?

Entry 11 is the best of a bad bunch.
Probably best to keep the current text logo.

Ah now lads – in fairness any of those logos are better than anything I’d come up with.

I do agree though that a None of the above option should be included with the poll.

Maybe open the comp again, and go for a more sober, less web 2.0, and shiny floors look.

Tom, I love ya, but since when was the mark of a good logo “better than Tom would come up with”? :-)

The only one that’s “bearable” is number 1 and even that one is pretty awful

Not a huge fan of any of the above either… The majority already look dated. Web 2.0 reflections and gradients… bahhh. Reminds me of something you’d knock up with

I agree with Michele in that only (1) looks “bearable”.

I think your better off sticking with the site the way it is than add one of those .. if i had to choose i’d choose number 1 but even that needs work.

If you stand your Macbook/monitor on its side no. 2-5 almost look like a body piercing.

I’m confused. The correct name for website is Web2Ireland or Web 2.0 Ireland?

I can’t offer you an alternative logo but I can offer an alternative way of collecting the votes :-)


PS. Look out for the GlowDay site redesign next week….

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