Web2Ireland Distribution List and special offer

5th of February 2008 by conor

We want to put together a consolidated email distribution list of web companies on the island to replace the mish-mash of lists each of us has at the minute. This would be very a very low volume editor-broadcast only list which would complement the blog and obviously would not be made available to anyone else.

UPDATE: We’ve changed the sign-up due to the high demand. If you wish to be added to the list, please apply to join the Web2Ireland Google Group here.

We’ll also email those of you we already know to see if you wish to be added.

As a sweetener, Roomex has made a very kind offer of discounted hotel rooms to anyone who is on this web2 list. There is an extra discount if you get your name in to us and room booked by Thursday evening! We’ll forward the offer details as soon as you mail us. A big thanks to Jack Donaghy in Roomex for this.

3 Responses to “Web2Ireland Distribution List and special offer”

But what’s the list for and why the odd incentive to join? What am I not getting here?

It’s to allow the Web2Ireland Editors to send intermittent emails where a blog post may not be appropriate or immediate enough. e.g. “We’ve just found out that famous Tech Journalist XYZ is coming to Dublin tonight and wants to meet companies”. A blogpost would miss at least 70% of the relevant people due to timing, which has been proven in the past with that exact situation.

Roomex recently made us a very kind offer which they sometimes do to groupings involved in particular areas. It’s no different to designers offering discounted services to startups. Given the amount of travel most of us do, it didn’t strike me as odd at all, but very welcome.

If you don’t want to be on the distie list but would like the discount, just let us know. Both are entirely opt-in and the sweetener quip is just a bit of lighthearted fun.

Useful mailing lists are always welcome. I’ll always check my mail. Everything else is extra :)