Defence Forces Go Web2!

23rd of January 2008 by conor

Just got a mail from the guys about their first Google Maps mashup. It’s very simple but it’s bloody impressive to see them try this stuff out. It displays reserve defence force unit locations and organisation around the country. They call it a work in progress but I completely agree when they say it is a big first step for a public service to embrace this technology at all.


Of course something simple like this gets the synapses firing and you start thinking about real-time GPS tracking of units and activities on Goog Maps. Those old public service announcements about artillery practice in the Glen of Imaal could be brought right up to date!

One quick tip – it would be great if they’d add an RSS feed(s) for news on the site (and maybe Feedburner email subscriptions) so we’d here about any new things they are doing.

On a side note, I love the new ads on the radio and the URL really sticks in the head. Well done to whoever is running PR and Marketing in the Defence Forces.

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