Creative Camp Update

23rd of January 2008 by conor

From Ken McGuire:

If you haven’t yet heard or seen anything about CreativeCamp then check out CreativeCamp will be held in the Parade Tower at Kilkenny Castle on Saturday March 8th.

Registration forms (for attendees and speakers) are now live on the CreativeCamp site and the blog will be updated over the coming weeks with more details on talks and happenings in and around CreativeCamp.

There may also be some cross-posting on the PodCamp channel on Jaiku, available from

Hoping to see you in Kilkenny in March,

Ken (on behalf CreativeCamp in Kilkenny)

2 Responses to “Creative Camp Update”

I knew Facebook would come in handy :)

Looking forward to the first week of March!

Must be good for something!