First Web2Ireland DemoBar with FOWA Roadtrip visit

23rd of July 2007 by admin

Web2Ireland will hold its first DemoBar in conjunction with the FOWA Roadtrip – when Ryan visits Dublin on Thursday, September 13th, 2007.

What’s a Web2Ireland DemoBar ?

- bring the Web2Ireland community together
- obviously its in a Bar – so some drinks
- 10 lucky Web2Ireland companies/entrepreneurs will get to setup DemoBar booths to show off their wares.
- we will have at least one invited guest
- it will be free !!

What’s next ?

- watch this space for event information and how to apply for a “DemoBar booth”
- if interested in providing sponsorship – email here

12 Responses to “First Web2Ireland DemoBar with FOWA Roadtrip visit”

I guess I should book flights now then!

This sounds good. Count Glowday in.

Superb idea. We’d love to be involved.

Sounds great! Looking forward to hearing more about it…

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Do you need to register for this event, or just show up on the night?

where will this be held (and again do you have to register)/

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