Fancy a trip to Sunny Colorado and go play at getting your startup going

15th of March 2007 by admin

Stateside “holiday” trip!

- u can get up to $15K
- 20+ startup junkies, guys who’ve done well/got big/go $ :)
- meet angels, VC’s, connections
- they’ll ‘mold’ u with lots of advice
- only 10 get selected
- what prestige — be the only IRISH startup
- free PR
- runs Mid May-Aug
- application by end of month (Mar)
- weather n scenery fantastic (as long as u don’t want any rain)
- Ps Lally guy may help with accommodation :)


PS Just going thru the application process is worthwhile as it really ‘focuses’ you on what you’re all about.
Not sure what the ‘offical’ story would be to the immigration folks at Dublin/Shannon would be but sure the EI boys would help out


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This is a great idea Brendan, I hope it can be replicated here too eventually. I’d love it if a bunch of “youngfellas” could head over, do it and bring back a bunch of valuable experience and seed the same idea here.

I wonder if the old trick we used back in ’96 with immigration still works? In another start-up we were all sent over for “training” to our customer for 5 months. No-one seemed to mind and it was win-win all round. Not sure if we needed formal visas or just the right phrases in the airport :-)

Actually, this could easily be considered real training for visa purposes.


I’m hoping at some stage to ‘help’ with a similiar event in IRL. Time will tell ..when…

I don’t know what the ‘time period’ is as part of a ‘holiday’ stay. Certaintly the US customs/immigration systems have increased in tracking capability since 9/11.
I’m sure US Embassy in Dublin or some on the EI side (that travels back-n-forth or on ‘secondment’) will know the answer here.


It’s a nice idea but giving away 5% of your company for $5-15k seems a bit steep. I know the networking etc. is valuable and but $15k (only €11300) won’t even cover the personal costs for three people for 3 months. I get the impression this is aimed at college kids.

Also the fact that is broken (Cannot select database: Access denied for user ”@’localhost’ to database ‘h5′) is a little worrying, given that free hosting is part of the offer.



I do agree that u need 2 have your eyes open when u’re looking to do any “deal” and giving up some of your company.

I’m not gonna make any pro/con’s for that 5% and what u get back in ‘value’. That is for each startup 2 evaluate and each will have their own story, what stage they are at, what help they need …

However I will say that its only suitable 4 those at a very early stage. If your beyond that then u should have other issues 2 fry