BarCamp Dublin?

30th of January 2007 by admin

Is anyone aware of a BarCamp Dublin being organised? If not, I intend to do one in the near future.

Update: 31/1/07

Just found out that Elly and Joe are organising it. Elly has just asked me to help which is cool as I want to do more of this stuff in Dublin – where the networking scene should be ‘happening’!

Thanks for the pointer Keithstrong>

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That would be great!

Hiya Paul

You could try pinging EllyBabes(ellybabes AT She just might have an answer to your question :-)


Thanks Keith – just sent the email.

I just posted a review on the BarCamp SW Waterford 20 Jan 2007. Mostly on the video from “finding money for your startup” panel discussion