Internet People – How to be innovative

21st of November 2006 by admin

Another good night was to be had at the Internet People event last night. I turned up with Sam Sethi from TechCrunch after a great meeting about how to mash the Semantic Web, GRDDL, Microformats and other such stuff together – more on that soon I hope.

It was good to hook up with Robert Loch who runs the event and Alex from again – Keep an eye on Alex’s page to learn about his new project launch in a few weeks.

Other interesting people that I had a chat with include Iain and Cary from mydeo and Martine, Head of Genes Reunited – a non-widget company actually making a healthy profit!

The next event in my diary is Tom Raftery’s bloggers dinner in Cork on November 28th. He has some cool guests lined up;
Hugh MacLeod
Marc Canter
Salim Ismail
Jeff Nolan

I’m hoping to make it but I’m Chair of the BIMA Awards on the 29th, so it’s a little tight!

3 Responses to “Internet People – How to be innovative”

Paul – I don’t know how I missed you. I was about to write a post here reporting on the event myself noting there was no other Irish present! I thought I talked to everyone, little did I know!

2 passing ships in the night! I’ll post something on this site before I attend anything in future.

Indeed Paul the Semantic Web conversation we had before hand was infinitely more enjoyable but like you it was good to see the people you mention above and one or two new entrepreneur faces.

The bloggers dinner in Dublin will be “corking” and well worth attending but I am presenting at MediaTech in London so it is unlikely that I will be in Ireland. ;-(