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9th of September 2006 by admin web-operating-platform

Company Name: (aka JSSL).
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Sector: Web-operating-platform
Founded: 1992
CEO: John Sheridan

Description: Eclayer is a new and unique technology that makes your computer become a virtual part of the web-site you are browsing. It allows web-sites to use the resources of your computer directly. This includes relational-database access, image creation and manipulation, and file creation and manipulation. It also supports mashing directly from the browser making it much easier for Web 2.0 site developers to work with APIs from Google, Yahoo, and others.

MySpace and Bebo users will love it because it makes these sites work much faster.

Key benefits for web-developers and site owners,

* Mashing (cross-site scripting) directly from browser
* Complete SQLite relational database directly from browser
* Complete ImageMagick library API directly from browser
* File management API directly from browser
* Faster, lower-bandwidth, bigger & better building blocks

Visit us now – we’re live!
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