Rick Segal and Shel Israel world tour stops of in Ireland

29th of July 2006 by admin

Well known VC, Rick Segal and Naked Conversations author, Shel Israel are on a world tour.

Ireland is on the travel plans, and they will be in Dublin and Cork. Our friends in Cork, Tom and Walter have blog posts on the trip to the Republic of Cork.

For the Dublin part, the Web2Ireland EI evangelists Brian and Ben, are hosting a get-together of entrepreneurs, VCs, industry folks, etc. on Friday 8th September, starting at 1.30pm.

As part of the get-together, some 1:1 sessions can be arranged through organizer supreme Mary Boyle (email: Mary.Boyle AT enterprise-ireland.com).

We will follow up with a Geek/Blog dinner/drinks at 8pm in the Market Bar, Fade Street.

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Thanks so much for making this happen and I’m excited to see Dublin for the first time. Regarding these one-on-ones. Both Rick and I are looking for people with great ideas about Ireland and what’s going to happen there for entrepreneurs in the next five years or so. The last thing we want is a powerPoint presentation. Rick may very well circle back later as an investor, but he is coming to Dublin to learn. I’m coming in the hope of hearing great stories about social media company players that will fit into my book. I am very interested in how culture shapes and changes technology.

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Packed em in Fergus in Cork
queues around the block
Pity the restaurant was so small
enjoy yourselves tonight