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NewsWhip is what Digg V3 should always have been

conor 3rd of October 2011 by conor

We all know what unmitigated disasters Digg V3 and later were. In a world of Twitter and Facebook they kept thinking it was still 2007. When V3 launched I said that it should have been built around the popular stories on Twitter since that’s what people are really interested in, rather than the closed coven of Digg power-users. So I was thrilled to see the recent launch of NewsWhip which does exactly that.

The site is an aggregation of popular news based on sharing and RTs across Twitter and Facebook. So there is no gaming, no moderation, just a smart algorithm bubbling up the hot news right now. They give a score to a news story by measuring how many Tweets, Likes, Shares, and other interactions it gets.You can filter by the location you are interested in and various categories and sub-categories.

At the moment the front page is showing some stories on the possible return of Arrested Development. That makes me very happy indeed.

For a great snapshot of interesting news across the realtime web during the day, I think the guys have nailed it.


IDA Ireland Strategy – ‘Horizon 2020′ strategy

admin 9th of March 2010 by admin

Interesting to see references to local Web2Ireland community in IDA Ireland Horizon 2020 strategy document

The ICT sector in Ireland is already playing a leading role in showing this model in operation, with Facebook connecting with local application developers through its
Developer Garage programme and Google’s Code Jam engaging in a similar way.

One of the sections is very interesting – titled – Connect with Tomorrow’s Twitter

High growth technology companies have impact hugely disproportional to their size. They are often first to market with new ideas and new business models in digital media, life sciences, mobile technology and financial services. These young companies are the seeds of tomorrow’s multinationals – whether through organic growth or in mergers or acquisitions, often with more established firms. IDA will increase its emphasis and focus on these high potential companies in support of the development of
Ireland as a global innovation hub. IDA has established a dedicated team focused on the needs of these companies. Working with sister agencies and other stakeholders, we will assist these emerging companies with financial support and in making connections in Ireland. These high-growth firms
will become an increasingly important part of Ireland’s innovation ecosystem, linking up with established multinationals in ICT and globally traded businesses; third level institutions and their talented graduates; and indigenous companies of similar scale and potential.

Tuesday Push was Sxoop

conor 11th of February 2009 by conor

Walter and Ursula who run Sxoop Technologies have been in the image manipulation software biz for several years now. Their core offering, Pixenate, an online photo editor, is integrated on many sites worldwide. More recently they have built a bunch of fun and useful tools using Pixenate. The most recent, Twitter Mosaic, is actually making money on Twitter before Twitter themselves have figured out a business model!

Mosaic is just one of those beautifully simple forehead-slapping ideas. You tell it your Twitter username and it generates mugs, t-shirts, bags etc  with a mosaic of your followers on them for purchase on Zazzle. A damn sight more interesting than the “Maximising customer delight through six sigma” mug that your employer gave you as your Christmas bonus.

Get your twitter mosaic here.


There was a great push from the community this week and here are the posts we have found. If you have done a  push, make sure to follow @tuesdaypush on Twitter and let them know.

If you are feeling rosemantic, don’t forget you can also heartify your Twitter avatar on Pixenate at the minute too!

Pixenate and Twitter in a tree, k..i..s..s

conor 7th of January 2009 by conor

Walter Higgins has just released the latest version of Pixenate ~ the online photo editor. This version has a new Transparency tool which makes it easy to create cut-outs from your photos and images.

Smaller web publishers can use the Pixenate hosted service which starts at €29 Euro per month.

Despite Walter’s constant grumping about Twitter :-) , they also had more than 800 twits use Pixenate to make festive twitter avatars in the run up to Christmas.

It looks like 2009 is going to be another top year for the Pixenate crew.

Web2Ireland – what’s going on – week ending June 20th, 2008

admin 22nd of June 2008 by admin

A quiet week in Web2Ireland land this week…

Official launch of Ammado – see announcement

Compatipals – interesting Dublin based startup – using social networks @ friendships. “CompatiPals helps you understand one of the most powerful and influential things in the world, relationships. Discover yourself, your friends, and the mystery of compatibility.”

Google Dublin – an insight on Silicon Republic

Touristr – cool new user interface – and some coverage in Irish Indo


Salesforce mashup/developer/platform event in Dublin – Tour De Force – June 30th

Mike Butcher of Techcrunch coming to Dublin – event on June 26th – signup here

Silicon Ireland Event in Dublin on 26th June 2008

Firefox Party was a blast last week – over 200 people – with Curry2.0 dinner the night before.

Follow us – We’re on twitter – – Target is 500 followers by end of July….

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Web2Ireland – what’s going on – week ending June 13th

admin 13th of June 2008 by admin

Folks seem to like these posts – so here’s some bits and bobs from around the Web2Ireland scene…

Web2Ireland branding to improve with new logo – Thanks to all submissions and votesthe Web2Ireland community voted to an entry from Spoiltchild.

Dial2Do announce deal with Jajah

Irish and the iPhone

Zignals launches

Irish connection at Skydeck

Salesforce mashup/developer/platform event in Dublin – Tour De Force – June 30th

Dial2Do and Feedhenry at Launch Silicon Valley 2008Dial2Do win award

Finetuna launches – coverage on Nextweb – another great service from Alan and his team at SpoiltChild

Joe is on a roll – 30million awaiting an Irish YCombinator – and Ireland’s Digital Future

Mike Butcher of Techcrunch coming to Dublin – event on June 26th – signup here

Robin Blandford startup Decisionforheroses taking shape

Best wishes to Tom Raftery and family – as they move to Spain – from all his friends at web2Ireland. Keep in touch Tom.

Irish VC’s to replace Irish banksno widget companies or .com companies need apply

Ticket-Text – interesting Irish company – “ticket text is a new low cost ticketing agent that delivers tickets via text messages (SMS) and print-at-home e-tickets. Simply bring your SMS or print-at-home e-ticket to the venue, scan your ticket and you’re in!”Ryanair is a customer.

Firefox Party reminder – June 19th – in Dublin

Bonus links…
Good article on “Your ad-supported Web 2.0 site is actually a B2B enterprise in disguise”

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Now that’s a launch! Say hello to Twitterfone

conor 6th of May 2008 by conor

Pat Phelan has just announced TwitterFone in the past hour and it’s gone completely insane! 1500 signups in 42 minutes. 72 comments on TechCrunch in the blink of an eye.

What is it? It’s a way of sending messages to the Twitter micro-blogging service by calling a number and speaking. Your message is converted to text and then posted to Twitter. For all those times when you can’t SMS (like when you are driving) or it’s just more convenient to speak.

Not only is it a great application with a stunning design by Sabrina Dent but there are some critical start-up lessons to be learned from the development. A small set of businesses came together to build this in a few weeks for a tiny cost. Cubic Telecom + Dial2Do + Zong + VOX!

Amazing job Pat and well done to all involved in the build and launch!

Follow us on Twitter

conor 16th of April 2008 by conor

We’ve been posting the blog updates to Twitter for months but completely forget to mention it here. If you want all the latest Web2Ireland news directly into your Twitter feed, then you just have to add @web2ireland as a friend.

You can alternatively get the updates via Jaiku, Friendfeed or Facebook

Dial2Do at CTIA…

admin 4th of April 2008 by admin


Hot Dublin based startup dial2do demod their product at CTIA this week. Dial2Do is a spin out from Rococo.

Its a great way to connect with services such as twitter, email, etc.

Information week has coverage CTIA: Dial2Do Uses Voice Prompts For Hands-Free Users — Wireless — InformationWeek

Rumour they are working on a cool twitterfone related project…