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Galway based TribalCity launch first iPhone game Into the Twilight which reaches number 1 in its category in 15 countries

admin 14th of July 2010 by admin

TribalCity launched iphone game Into the Twilight which has reached number 1 in its category in 15 countries in its first three weeks on the App Store.

You can grab the game here

They have a series of games coming out for smartphones and Facebook over the next few months, according to co-founder Alan Duggan.

Gaming activity in Ireland growing up

admin 2nd of February 2010 by admin

Lots of Gaming related activity happening in Ireland at the moment

Havok founders, Dr. Steven Collins and Hugh Reynolds are rumored to have signed multiple deals with large gaming platforms and publishing houses, with their startup new game technology, which is trading as Kore

Tribal City Interactive based in Galway are working on social games for both Facebook and Twitter

Jolt Online, recently acquired by Gamestop, are hiring like mad

Crowdstar, one of the largest social gaming companies on Facebook, have an operation in Ireland (codename: CSI) , headed up by Gavin Barrett

IDA Ireland announced over 100 jobs at Dublin based Gala Networks Europe