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Polldaddy acquired by WordPress

fergus 15th of October 2008 by fergus


Congratulation to Lenny aka David Lenehan and Eoin Gallagher on Polldaddy team – and Toni, Matt and Automattic team.

Polldaddy is the default online poll service for leading blogs, social networks and websites – and the acquisition by WordPress parent – Automattic – makes total sense – and the team dynamics is brilliant.

Only 2 developers [Lenny and Eoin] on polldaddy – which was initially incubated within Infacta.

It was spun out as a seperate entity late in 2007 – with angel investment provided by Infacta and Polldaddy founder, Jonathan Hill.

Polldaddy also recruited Scott Rafer as an advisor in 2007 – and Scott played no small part in assisting the project in getting to its current scale.

The Polldaddy is great validation for Web2Ireland – especially given the level of investment, the operations, and the acquisition result.

Given the recent news on Facebook setting up in Ireland – it perhaps set a new model for the IDA/EI – International operations get setup via acquisition [which is what Israel have done for years].

To add more context in terms of WordPress scale – see this post from Fred Wilson on Facebook vs WordPress – and the Polldaddy numbers will drive this further forward.

facebook vs wordpress

Disclosure: I’m a personal friend of Lenny, Jonathan and Scott