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In case you were in any doubt about the Tuesday Push

conor 18th of July 2008 by conor

Joe Drumgoole let us know that the outcome of the Tuesday Push on PutPlace far exceeded expectation:

For us it increased our number of visitors on average four fold for the week in which we were pushed. This converted to double the previous weeks registrations. We weren’t running any other campaigns so I attribute that all to the Tuesday push….Basically one of the most cost effective marketing exercises we have done this year.

And your reason for not signing up for the push is?

Tuesday Push Round One

conor 8th of July 2008 by conor

The Tuesday Push on PutPlace was a resounding success. Here are the posts we found on our trawls:

Web2Ireland – what's going on – week ending July 4th, 2008

admin 7th of July 2008 by admin

Send on any news tips to us at web2ireland.editor AT

PutPlace gets the Tuesday Push – make sure you’ve signed up – delighted to participate in this initiative.

Dial2Dogets more praise… from VentureBeat – goes very web2.0 like – whilst Irish Times goes free – see commentary from Greg Sterling

Enterprise Ireland conducting review of software sector – wonder will the old internet get a mention this time round.

EI office in Silicon Valley is paying attention – they are sponsoring a table at the SVASE event – “Business Models that Work for Web 2.0 Based Startups”

SeedCamp applications now welcome

Top Posts on Web2Ireland this week

Eircom Web Innovation Fund
The Tuesday Push – Showing real community spirit
Irish Government – Data Sharing, APIs, and Mashups

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The Tuesday Push – Showing real community spirit

conor 1st of July 2008 by conor

Damien Mulley gets community like very few other people in the industry. His ideas are always worth listening to and, more importantly, worth acting on. He has just kicked off a real corker called The Tuesday Push. Every second Tuesday, a startup is selected from those who put themselves forward and lots of us blog about them on the same day.

It’s one of those simple but potentially incredibly powerful ways of getting us all noticed. There is nothing nefarious about it, no PPP in the background or Google gaming. Just write in an honest way about a new start-up every two weeks. The posts will be even more useful to everyone if they contain constructive criticism and ideas rather than puff-pieces.

We would encourage those who read but don’t write to Digg/Stumble/Delicious the posts they really like. And obviously if you are a startup, register your interest in being covered.

The first start-up to be covered is the brilliant PutPlace. I’ll be doing my review of it later over on Argolon. Damien has already done his. We’ll also do aggregated posts here on Web2Ireland with links to all the coverage.

If you don’t mind me pimping LouderVoice too much, you can also make use of us to help spread the word. Just add the tag “review” and the tag “rating=N” (where N is from 1-5) to your posts. If you then register your blog’s RSS feed as a “FlagTag” feed on LouderVoice, we’ll pick those posts up and they’ll get indexed very quickly as reviews on Google. If you don’t have/want a blog, just write the review directly on LV and we’ll link it to all the others.

This initiative will only work if the community gets behind it. So instead of thinking “what a good idea”, go review PutPlace, now!

Web2Ireland – what's going on – week ending June 27th, 2008

admin 30th of June 2008 by admin

Send on any news tips to us at web2ireland.editor AT MUZU TV – Dublin based startup just launches [Thanks Joe for note]. From their site “Your Music Network – Where bands, artists, festivals, venues, broadcasters, music magazines and more broadcast their music TV on the web.”

Techcrunch meetup – some updates from Mike Butcher on Thursday.

PutPlace gets some readwriteweb love – on their Public beta

Maxroam drives lower phone call prices – and gets ready to launch version2.0

TripPlanr from Jan and his team at TouristRepublic – get coverage on SiliconRepublic – in partnership with Deri – good example of co-operation with research institutes in Ireland.

Pitch Robin Klein – from TAG - see video with Loic

Interesting mobile social service – Locle – especially given latest m&a activity @ plazes and zyb. Rumour has it that a well know telecoms disruptor is an advisor.

SeedCorn Competition – has a record prize fund of €280,000 – which makes some other global startup competitions look small in comparison.

Events – Salesforce mashup/developer/platform event in Dublin – Tour De Force – June 30th

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PutPlace – opens up signup – solve your backup problems

admin 24th of June 2008 by admin

Backup provider – PutPlace – has just announced open sign-up season. Check the The PutPlace Blog for details


PutPlace allows you to upload as much as you want during the beta – which is free. Sign Up – and help PutPlace build a great product – with feedback.

Web2Ireland – what's going on – week ending June 6th

admin 6th of June 2008 by admin

Some bits and bobs from around the Web2Ireland scene…

Joe survives at UTR – and gets great coveage for PutPlace in webware

Exceptional launches – Error tracking and managing for Rails folks and their apps

edenbee gets coverage on Mashable – “Edenbee or Not to Be? Climate Change Social Network Steps In To Help”

Firefox Party – Dublin – June 19th. All over the world, Mozilla will be celebrating the launch of Firefox 3 in late June. Mozilla is sending over lots of prizes/swag for us to give away on the night. The Irish need to live up to the great name we have for partying. Contact Paul Walsh for sponsorship opportunity – paul AT SPONSORS BY: BT, putplace ( and Blacknight

Curry 2.0 dinner coming up in Dublin – more details to follow.

Wexford based ubcam launches – looks cool…

Polldaddy at 116 million + votes and counting – Lenny is building quite the database of value

Investment scene/activity @ web – no mention of Ireland…

Sean McGrath – XML and python expert – looking for some folks in Web2.0 space to work together..

Pixenateplugins for wordpress and MT – Walter is building a great business in the photo editing space.

Downloadmusic – selling lots of songs via SMS – clever service with some great International plans

PutPlace for Under the Radar event

admin 1st of May 2008 by admin

PutPlace has been selected for the Under The Radar event in June over in Mountain View.

Check the Under the Radar Blog and PutPlace blog for more details

Pixenate presented in 2006 – and it helped Walter gain lots of valuable attention

We had the pleasure of meeting the Debbie Landa, founder of DealMaker Media, who organize the Under the Radar event series, last week at the Web2Ireland Drinks reception in San Francisco.

Hopefully we will see more Web2Ireland companies present at Under the Radar events.

PutPlace ramps up – raises financing, beefs up board

admin 4th of April 2008 by admin

PutPlace, provider of automated, real-time back-up, publishing and sharing services for digital data, today announced the successful conclusion of a funding round and the strengthening of its board.

Industry veterans Pat Lynch and Michael O’Callaghan join existing board members Joe Drumgoole (founder) and Brian Caulfield. The funding round was a co-investment between existing and new investors and Enterprise Ireland. Katherine Lucey has also joined the management team as COO.

Pretty impressive line-up – and not to forget Justin Mason [Spamassin creator] is also at Putplace

Mike O’Callaghan (Chairman)
Michael O’Callaghan is COO at Babelgum, where he is responsible for the company’s business operations as well as infrastructure and network operations. Before joining Babelgum, Michael was Vice President and General Manager of Oracle’s European Development Centre in Dublin and Chairman of Oracle’s main operating company in Europe. Prior to Oracle, Michael established and led Microsoft’s European Product Development Centre in Ireland and in total has over twenty five years industry experience in indigenous and multi-national companies. Michael holds a B.E. from University College Cork.

Brian Caulfield (Board Member)
2007 recipient of the Irish Software Association “Technology Person of the Year”, Brian is a Computer Engineering graduate from Trinity College Dublin. In 1992 Brian co-founded Exceptis Technologies where he was CEO and CTO. Exceptis developed dispute management software for the electronic card payments sector that was sold to blue-chip banking customers in Europe, the United States and Asia. Exceptis was sold to Trintech Group (NASDAQ: TTPA) in November 2000. Brian has co-founded two other venture capital backed software start-ups, Similarity Systems and Prediction Dynamics. More recently, Brian has worked with Trinity Venture Capital, representing them on the boards of AePONA and SteelTrace.

Pat Lynch (Board Member)
Pat founded Microtech Cleanroom Services in 1998 having previously worked in senior financial roles with US multinationals Seagate Technology and Summit Technology. Pat is a serial investor in high-potential technology start-ups and has significant experience in bringing companies to scale.

Katherine Lucey (Management Team)
Katherine has a strong track record in international software marketing. Most recently, she led the execution of an aggressive marketing plan for SteelTrace that resulted in a doubling of revenues, quarter-on-quarter. SteelTrace was sold to Compuware in 2006. She previously worked with Openet Telecom and the Irish Software Association.