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Locle announces significant deal with Netlog

admin 10th of September 2009 by admin

At Mobilize 09 in San Francisco today, Dublin startup, Locle will announce the opening of their location services platform to 3rd parties as well as its exclusive integration with Netlog, the largest European Social Network.

According to CEO, Pieter Oonk, growing interest from publishers and online communities to incorporate location elements into an existing experience made Locle decide to offer a number of Web Services to allow for rapid integration of location and notification elements into mobile and traditional web sites.

The customizable location platform offers a new revenue stream for social apps, networks and online communities:
The platform can be used for:

– user location and nearby lookup
– social networks mash-up
– “Serendipity” messaging
– Revenue API

The location services platform can help online communities increase average revenue per user and improve community through location as it bridges the gap between digital and live encounters for dating, live music events, travel and others.

The location services platform has been used to develop Locle for Netlog – the first Mobile Application that works with Netlog, Europe’s largest social network. Based in Gent, Belgium, Netlog has over 52 million members throughout Europe. The Locle mobile clients interact directly with, report location and help users find who’s nearby- in the application, on the ‘canvas’ pages and users’ profile pages.