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Running Lean Workshop in London

conor 6th of November 2011 by conor

Web2Ireland has a very big readership in the UK both from UK startups and also from an ever-growing number of Irish startups who have either moved there completely or keep a strong presence there, particularly in London.

So I thought that audience might be interested in a Running Lean Workshop that is being held in London on Wednesday. It is being run by Ash Maurya, who is very well known for taking the quite academic and Enterprisey nature of much of the Lean material out there and turning it into a practical guide with more of a consumer web focus.

We have been using his book and one-page biz-plan methodology as part of the LaunchPad programme in NDRC and we’re big fans. We’ll be attending the workshop in Dublin.

So if you want to run your startup on Lean principles but want to get beyond principles, this should be perfect for you.

It’s £149.00 for the day and that includes a copy of the book. You need to register here.

Venue is Main Lecture Theatre, University of Arts – London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6SB.

Wednesday 9th November from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

SmartCamp – Final 5 Companies

admin 14th of October 2009 by admin

The Final 5 companies for Smartcamp have been selected

SmartCamp day will take place on the 15th Oct in Dublin.

The NDRC will select 1 of the 5 SmartCamp finalists to enter its new 3 month programme, which includes funding of 25k, to focus on commercial validation of web and mobile proposals.

In addition to NDRC Grant,

- IBM is offering the winning candidate of their choice, a three month mentorship course at its Dublin Innovation Centre to help them build an 'investor ready' commercial proposition in order to secure funding.

- Vodafone will offer a 3 month mentorship course to a candidate of their choice.

- AIB Seed Capital Fund will make an offer of investment of €50,000 to each of two candidates of their choice subject to normal diligence.


1. Cloudsplit Dynamic Infrastructure Analysis

CloudSplit offer a real time view on what is happening on your Amazon grid from a cost perspective

2. Green DiamondWaste Management

Green Diamond provide cost-efficient green solutions for the environmental industry

3. Heystacks–Social Search

HeyStaks helps you and your friends to benefit from each other’s search experiences.

4. ResourceKraft-Energy Effiecency/management

ResourceKraft supply highly sophisticated energy cost control systems – saving money and carbon

5. TreeMetrics-Forestry Management

Treemetrics optimise value recovery in forestry

Smartcamp – mentors, cash and access to partners

admin 18th of September 2009 by admin

A quick reminder on Smartcamp – which is happening in Dublin on October 15th 2009

Great resources for entrepreneurs

- Mentors – including folks from SeedCamp
- Cash – Smartcamp is a partner of the NDRC – €25k prizes
- Corporate partners and international VCs

Apply before October 1st