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Locle announces significant deal with Netlog

admin 10th of September 2009 by admin

At Mobilize 09 in San Francisco today, Dublin startup, Locle will announce the opening of their location services platform to 3rd parties as well as its exclusive integration with Netlog, the largest European Social Network.

According to CEO, Pieter Oonk, growing interest from publishers and online communities to incorporate location elements into an existing experience made Locle decide to offer a number of Web Services to allow for rapid integration of location and notification elements into mobile and traditional web sites.

The customizable location platform offers a new revenue stream for social apps, networks and online communities:
The platform can be used for:

– user location and nearby lookup
– social networks mash-up
– “Serendipity” messaging
– Revenue API

The location services platform can help online communities increase average revenue per user and improve community through location as it bridges the gap between digital and live encounters for dating, live music events, travel and others.

The location services platform has been used to develop Locle for Netlog – the first Mobile Application that works with Netlog, Europe’s largest social network. Based in Gent, Belgium, Netlog has over 52 million members throughout Europe. The Locle mobile clients interact directly with, report location and help users find who’s nearby- in the application, on the ‘canvas’ pages and users’ profile pages.

Locle – Brilliantly simple LBS social networking

admin 18th of June 2009 by admin

The Mobile Industry Review has a review on Locle


“I’m particularly impressed that roughly 70% of available European mobile handsets are capable of using Locle at the moment. Since it doesn’t strictly rely on GPS — falling back to Cell-ID for most handsets — it means that, theoretically, if you were wanting to deploy a location based social networking service in, say, India (for example), the first thing you should do is call up Pieter at Locle and do a deal with them.”

Eircom web innovation fund winners – HeyStaks, Locle, Playza, TouristR

admin 14th of July 2008 by admin

Damien Mulley has the details on the Winners of the Eircom Web Innovation Fund [previous coverage here]



From Press release

The four chosen companies are:

1. HeyStaks – HeyStaks is a new approach to Web search that helps searchers to share their search experiences with friends, colleagues, and other searchers. HeyStaks is a browser plugin that works with Google and provides users with the ability to create so-called “search staks” as a way to organise and share their Google searches. For example, a group of friends planning a holiday abroad might create a “Holiday 2008” search stak. As they individually search for travel, accommodation and entertainment options, their selections will be shared with each other during future searches as specially highlighted search results. In this way all of the friends can see what results have been found to be useful during earlier searches, which may help them during their own searches for that perfect holiday package.

Research shows that HeyStaks can help searchers find information more quickly and in turn allow users to create and share many different types of search staks to reflect different topics of interest. In this way search staks can provide users with access to a form of Web search that is powered by their favourite search engine but customised for a particular topic of interest, based on their own search experiences or the search experiences of others.

The HeyStaks technology has been developed by Prof. Barry Smyth’s research group in University College Dublin and is the first spin-out of the new CLARITY research centre, a €16m Science Foundation Ireland research centre combining researchers from University College Dublin, Dublin City University, and the Tyndal National Institute.

2. Locle – Locle is a social mapping application for mobile phones that combines information from your mobile handset address book with social networks such as Bebo, Facebook and MySpace to create mapping services that show users where their friends are. Locle is an enhanced mobile web experience that facilitates “here’s where I am, and here’s where my friends are” for social networks and groups.

Locle is a combination of a web service and downloadable mobile phone software. When the Locle mobile client is activated, it identifies the user’s location and presents the location of “friends” who also use the application. Friends can be both contacts from your mobile phone address book or contacts from your social networks. As well as letting you know where your “friends” are, Locle can also keep you up to date on relevant information to your location such as local events, news, weather and provide details on local restaurants, cinemas and ATM machines etc.
Locle is a Business Expansion Scheme qualified investment.

3. Playza – With most popular online games focused squarely at the adult gaming market, Playza is a new social gaming proposition for “Digital Natives” – our 12 to 24 year olds who have grown up in a digital media environment where mobile phones, social networking, multiplayer online gaming, and music downloading have always been the norm.

Playza is made up of a series of connected mini games in which players complete tasks and earn points. Online game players are encouraged to bring their gaming colleagues to Playza and social networkers can invite their online friends to join. The main objective of the game is to form and control player groups. By getting new members into their group, players will increase their standing and capabilities within the games. Playza users can also create their own page to host their game account and mini games. Within their page, users can create their own game groups, receive feedback and messages and post the game to their other sites or blogs such as MySpace or Facebook.

Playza combines the addictive nature of online gaming with the community features of a social networking portal.

4. TouristR – TouristR is an integrated full-service trip-planning advisor, which cuts out the online information overload and minimises planning problems. It not only helps the traveller to plan a more complex travel itinerary – such as a trip with multiple destinations on a fixed budget and timeline – but it also draws on content submitted by a community of users which will help the traveller to decide on a destination by getting a sense of the type of experience available at their chosen destination.

A new breed of unique Web 2.0 travel service, TouristR will feature stories, adventures and photographs of destinations submitted by users as well as aid the traveller who needs to factor in multiple elements to their trip such as budgetary, geographical, temporal and other personal preferences and restrictions.

You can learn more about the Eircom Innovation Fund here

Web2Ireland – what’s going on – week ending June 27th, 2008

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Send on any news tips to us at web2ireland.editor AT MUZUâ„¢ TV – Dublin based startup just launches [Thanks Joe for note]. From their site “Your Music Network – Where bands, artists, festivals, venues, broadcasters, music magazines and more broadcast their music TV on the web.”

Techcrunch meetup – some updates from Mike Butcher on Thursday.

PutPlace gets some readwriteweb love – on their Public beta

Maxroam drives lower phone call prices – and gets ready to launch version2.0

TripPlanr from Jan and his team at TouristRepublic – get coverage on SiliconRepublic – in partnership with Deri – good example of co-operation with research institutes in Ireland.

Pitch Robin Klein – from TAG - see video with Loic

Interesting mobile social service – Locle – especially given latest m&a activity @ plazes and zyb. Rumour has it that a well know telecoms disruptor is an advisor.

SeedCorn Competition – has a record prize fund of €280,000 – which makes some other global startup competitions look small in comparison.

Events – Salesforce mashup/developer/platform event in Dublin – Tour De Force – June 30th

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