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Huge Push for IGOpeople

conor 28th of January 2009 by conor

The newly revamped Tuesday Push kicked off yesterday with IGOpeople and the number of posts was fantastic.


You can track the various posts and mentions via the Twitter Account. Here is a selection of the great coverage yesterday:

IGOpeople IGOes Live

conor 17th of December 2008 by conor

I was thrilled to hear from Campbell Scott that IGOpeople is in public beta starting today. They’ve been in stealth mode for a long time and we’ve all been looking forward to seeing it in action.

Campbell describes it as:

a Network for the Real World that brings people together to Find, Connect and Converse, with their friends and with the businesses and organisations they deal with.

Sounding like a very useful mix of Social Networking, discussion boards, GetSatisfaction and UserVoice, it looks like a great way for companies to see what people have to say about them.

IGOPeople to launch in October 2008

admin 23rd of May 2008 by admin


IGOPeople – which is led by Campbell Scott, the former Eircom director of consumer solutions – is ramping up for launch.

The online service will connect consumers and brands – through the use of social technology – helping brands communicate better with consumers – and facilitating consumers helping consumers.

The SBPost has some coverage on funding plans

From website
IGOpeople provides individuals, groups and organisations with a new way to find, connect, share, communicate and to conduct business. Whether you need to work with one person or with many, IGOpeople is the place for you to get things done.