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Web2Ireland – what’s going on – week ending July 18th, 2008

admin 22nd of July 2008 by admin

Apologies – post is a little late.send on any news tips to us at web2ireland.editor AT

This week’s Tuesday Push is 1time
– see list of coverage
IETF Meeting in Dublin
Three Weeks left to apply to SeedCamp
Barcamps – Cork
Startup Ideas – from Paul Graham
Building your webapp in the cloud

Other bits of news on techcrunch
iPhone app for Irish Rail
Social network for horse betting
Roomex hitting big targets

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IETF Meeting in Dublin

conor 15th of July 2008 by conor

Just got a note from Joe Johnson to tell us that the IETF, the guys who brought you IP, Gopher, FTP and what’s that other one, ah yes HTTP, are meeting in Citywest in Dublin from 27th July to 1st August.

There are over 1000 people registered with but so far only about 20 from Ireland.  If you want to hear how the plumbing of the internet is going to evolve, then you need to be there.