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IDA Ireland Strategy – ‘Horizon 2020′ strategy

admin 9th of March 2010 by admin

Interesting to see references to local Web2Ireland community in IDA Ireland Horizon 2020 strategy document

The ICT sector in Ireland is already playing a leading role in showing this model in operation, with Facebook connecting with local application developers through its
Developer Garage programme and Google’s Code Jam engaging in a similar way.

One of the sections is very interesting – titled – Connect with Tomorrow’s Twitter

High growth technology companies have impact hugely disproportional to their size. They are often first to market with new ideas and new business models in digital media, life sciences, mobile technology and financial services. These young companies are the seeds of tomorrow’s multinationals – whether through organic growth or in mergers or acquisitions, often with more established firms. IDA will increase its emphasis and focus on these high potential companies in support of the development of
Ireland as a global innovation hub. IDA has established a dedicated team focused on the needs of these companies. Working with sister agencies and other stakeholders, we will assist these emerging companies with financial support and in making connections in Ireland. These high-growth firms
will become an increasingly important part of Ireland’s innovation ecosystem, linking up with established multinationals in ICT and globally traded businesses; third level institutions and their talented graduates; and indigenous companies of similar scale and potential.

Gaming activity in Ireland growing up

admin 2nd of February 2010 by admin

Lots of Gaming related activity happening in Ireland at the moment

Havok founders, Dr. Steven Collins and Hugh Reynolds are rumored to have signed multiple deals with large gaming platforms and publishing houses, with their startup new game technology, which is trading as Kore

Tribal City Interactive based in Galway are working on social games for both Facebook and Twitter

Jolt Online, recently acquired by Gamestop, are hiring like mad

Crowdstar, one of the largest social gaming companies on Facebook, have an operation in Ireland (codename: CSI) , headed up by Gavin Barrett

IDA Ireland announced over 100 jobs at Dublin based Gala Networks Europe

Facebook connects with Ireland

admin 27th of October 2009 by admin

Facebook officially opened their EMEA HQ in Dublin today.

Currently Facebook employ 70 people, and they intend to double the workforce over the coming year (see vacancies), under the leadership of Colm Long, who has provided great support for the Facebook Garage Ireland initiatives

Facebook also has over 1m users in Ireland – which is pretty impressive.

Big Fish Games is opening a European Headquarters in Cork, Ireland

admin 9th of April 2009 by admin


According to IDA Ireland – “Big Fish Games, Inc., that the company is opening a European Headquarters at City Gate Business Park at Mahon in Cork City. Big Fish Games is the world’s leading online destination for interactive entertainment, including downloadable, community and massively multi-player online games. The new office will focus on multilingual European customer support, games testing and localisation, and is expected to create up to 100 new jobs over the next three years. Recruitment is already underway for people with localisation skills and the capability to communicate effectively with its customers, particularly in French, German and Spanish.”

Positive news for Ireland – and for the community.

Facebook adds Ireland as a Friend – Accepted.

admin 2nd of October 2008 by admin


In what is a huge boost for the Web2Ireland community, Facebook are setting up their International Headquarters in Ireland.

We had previously covered the proposed setup of Facebook Operations in Ireland.

Dublin will be the centre for Facebook’s international operations and will provide a range of online technical, sales and operations support to Facebook’s users and customers across EMEA region.

Great validation of the talent pool in Ireland – and congratulation to IDA Ireland folks for attracting Facebook to Ireland.

Facebook jobs in Ireland due are live – and hopefully we will see local collaborations like a Web2Ireland Facebook Developer Garage in the near future.

- press release from Govt