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Intercom. CRM for SaaS business

admin 14th of October 2011 by admin

The team better known as Contrast in Ireland, have a potential killer-app on their hands.

Intercom is a next-gen CRM for SaaS businesses, who find it hard to connect with their customers, resulting in abandoned trials, low upgrades, churn.

Intercom lets them:

1. identify users they need to reach out to,
2. research those users (social plus account info),
3. contact them (in-app or e-mail, automatically or manually),
4. track the relationship over time.

It’s really clever, as I’ve seen it used on a new startup, where its allowing them to track users, and ultimately i think it will enable companies to model the business like what Andrew Chen did in this Freemium Business Model xls.

It looks like the team have HQ’d this venture out of San Francisco. They are based in a building managed by Jonathan Siegel who recently moved back to the US from Ireland.