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Web2Ireland – what’s going on – week ending July 18th, 2008

admin 22nd of July 2008 by admin

Apologies – post is a little late.send on any news tips to us at web2ireland.editor AT

This week’s Tuesday Push is 1time
– see list of coverage
IETF Meeting in Dublin
Three Weeks left to apply to SeedCamp
Barcamps – Cork
Startup Ideas – from Paul Graham
Building your webapp in the cloud

Other bits of news on techcrunch
iPhone app for Irish Rail
Social network for horse betting
Roomex hitting big targets

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1Time Coverage

conor 17th of July 2008 by conor

The Tuesday Push on 1TIme started over Chez Mulley and spread like wildfire. Here are the reviews and posts that we’ve seen so far. Pop in a comment if we’ve missed yours.

So far only 5 companies have signed up for the push. There are some harsh words I could use here but I’ll simply ask the question; why wouldn’t you like coverage of your app and some honest feedback?


This week’s Tuesday Push is 1time

conor 15th of July 2008 by conor

The second Tuesday Push is 1time. Like PutPlace before it, this is not some piece of fluff that tells you how many people in Sheboygan Wisconsin are tweeting about shower curtain rings. It’s an incredibly useful tool for time and expense tracking both for internal business use and service providers like freelancers.

Sign-up for the free trial and write your review of them today.

Check back here for the round-up of all the reviews in a few days.