Running Lean Workshop in London

6th of November 2011 by conor

Web2Ireland has a very big readership in the UK both from UK startups and also from an ever-growing number of Irish startups who have either moved there completely or keep a strong presence there, particularly in London.

So I thought that audience might be interested in a Running Lean Workshop that is being held in London on Wednesday. It is being run by Ash Maurya, who is very well known for taking the quite academic and Enterprisey nature of much of the Lean material out there and turning it into a practical guide with more of a consumer web focus.

We have been using his book and one-page biz-plan methodology as part of the LaunchPad programme in NDRC and we’re big fans. We’ll be attending the workshop in Dublin.

So if you want to run your startup on Lean principles but want to get beyond principles, this should be perfect for you.

It’s £149.00 for the day and that includes a copy of the book. You need to register here.

Venue is Main Lecture Theatre, University of Arts – London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle, London SE1 6SB.

Wednesday 9th November from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mozilla Meetup in Odeon in Dublin Tomorrow

1st of November 2011 by conor

In a world of early adopters, one of my few claims to fame is that I started using Mozilla when it was pre-Alpha around M7, wayyyyyyy back in June 1999. I never looked back as it went through all its growing pains and then shifted sideways to Firefox.

To me, Mozilla saved the Internet. As Netscape disappeared up its own bum post-acquisition and Microsoft applied their stranglehold, Mozilla built the future. You wouldn’t be using Firefox, Chrome or Opera today if it wasn’t for Mozilla, you’d be using Internet Explorer 6.00001.

Whilst I think Firefox has become a pig of a product (1GB RAM for 4 tabs after 24hrs? C’mon!), like the Mozilla suite that begat it, and I really don’t know what it’s doing on Android, it remains incredibly important to the open internet ecosystem. For example, there isn’t a web developer out there who doesn’t worship at the feet of Joe Hewitt for creating Firebug. And it wouldn’t exist without Firefox.

Ok, so bit of a nostalgic ramble there. Back to the topic at hand. David McNamara contacted us to let you all know about a Meetup they have arranged for tomorrow Tuesday:

The Mozilla Foundation is trying to establish a community in Ireland to encourage grass roots support in the open web in this country.

Do you want to know more about Mozilla, the organisation behind the groundbreaking Firefox browser? Do you want to become involved in the global Mozilla movement? No coding skills required, though folks with them are of course welcome. Come along and find out more. It will be an evening of presentations and discussions, with drinks and snacks provided.

Time: 02 November · 18:00 – 22:00
Location: The Odeon (Upstairs), 57 Harcourt Street, Dublin

Vigill. Next generation customer relationship management.

28th of October 2011 by admin

With two very smart founders at the helm, Barry Nolan and Oisin Hurley, Vigill is a new startup that could disrupt customer relationship management in the mobile world.

Vigill allows enterprise systems and humans to converse and self-serve in mobile applications. Vigill is a cloud platform that enables companies to connect, interact and self-service their customers through their mobile applications. At its core Vigill’s proposition involves presenting concise, time sensitive information, allowing the user to respond and/or perform a task quickly, efficiently and conveniently – leveraging the power of smartphones (alerting, authenticating, interacting, locating, and interacting).

To crack the market, Vigill will make it easy for developers to white-label integrate ‘conversation engines’ into their mobile apps – similar to the likes of Twilio or UrbanAirship.

Follow all the Dublin Web Summit #DWS7 Tweets here on Web2Ireland

26th of October 2011 by conor

As we announced over on the HushVine Blog, we have created an Android Twitter tracking app for DWS7. But for those of you who want the big screen experience, we’re thrilled to make it available here too. It auto-updates every minute, is tracking lots more than a hashtag and you can tweet from it too.

Mobilize your brand with Brandtone. Irish startup with top notch investors

24th of October 2011 by admin

A low key startup, Brandtone, founded by some ex-Digicel management, who provide Mobile Marketing services in global markets for the likes of Unilever, Kelloggs and Kimberley-Clark , recently secured funding from Verlinvest, Unilever Ventures and Enterprise Ireland

Check out this video of a Campaign for client Unilever in South Africa

Intercom. CRM for SaaS business

14th of October 2011 by admin

The team better known as Contrast in Ireland, have a potential killer-app on their hands.

Intercom is a next-gen CRM for SaaS businesses, who find it hard to connect with their customers, resulting in abandoned trials, low upgrades, churn.

Intercom lets them:

1. identify users they need to reach out to,
2. research those users (social plus account info),
3. contact them (in-app or e-mail, automatically or manually),
4. track the relationship over time.

It’s really clever, as I’ve seen it used on a new startup, where its allowing them to track users, and ultimately i think it will enable companies to model the business like what Andrew Chen did in this Freemium Business Model xls.

It looks like the team have HQ’d this venture out of San Francisco. They are based in a building managed by Jonathan Siegel who recently moved back to the US from Ireland.

Havok Founders. Round Three. Swrve

11th of October 2011 by admin

Steven Collins and Hugh Reynolds are quietly working on a Hat trick of exits.

First – Havok. Sold to Intel.
Second – New Game Technologies ta Kore. Sold to Havok.
Third. Swrve.

Swrve's real-time personalization allows design, product and marketing teams continually test and adjust their games, maximizing engagement across an unlimited range of players.

They recently closed a $2.7million funding round from Investors include: Intel Capital, SV Angel, Mochi Media founders, Playfish founders, the AIB Seed Capital Fund Limited Partnership, the Bank of Ireland Start-up Accelerator Fund, the AIB Seed Capital Fund, Enterprise Ireland and other angel investors.

Prediction: 2012 exit to likes of Xbox/MSFT, etc.

Irish technology company Newbay acquired by RIM

10th of October 2011 by admin

John Collins broke the story on Friday in the Irish Times, with others following (obviously no credit given to John). The rumour mill was in overdrive for last few months re: a deal for Newbay.

Congratulations to Paddy Holohan and team – it was a tough 9 years of hard work to get a decent exit for the business…. and where it all started off is still live at Foneblog

NewsWhip is what Digg V3 should always have been

3rd of October 2011 by conor

We all know what unmitigated disasters Digg V3 and later were. In a world of Twitter and Facebook they kept thinking it was still 2007. When V3 launched I said that it should have been built around the popular stories on Twitter since that’s what people are really interested in, rather than the closed coven of Digg power-users. So I was thrilled to see the recent launch of NewsWhip which does exactly that.

The site is an aggregation of popular news based on sharing and RTs across Twitter and Facebook. So there is no gaming, no moderation, just a smart algorithm bubbling up the hot news right now. They give a score to a news story by measuring how many Tweets, Likes, Shares, and other interactions it gets.You can filter by the location you are interested in and various categories and sub-categories.

At the moment the front page is showing some stories on the possible return of Arrested Development. That makes me very happy indeed.

For a great snapshot of interesting news across the realtime web during the day, I think the guys have nailed it.


PyCon Ireland on this Saturday and Sunday

3rd of October 2011 by conor

I just heard about the PyCon Ireland conference that is on next weekend in the Radisson Blu, Golden Lane, Dublin. Looks like a great line-up of speakers on all things Python. I’m particularly interested in the “Introduction to MongoDB and PyMongo” by Brendan McAdams of 10gen.

In case you hadn’t heard, 10gen is also opening an office in Dublin next month. Time to make Dublin the NoSQL capital of Europe? :-)